Privacy and Cookies Policy

This Privacy policy describes how we use the information you provide us on this website and how we protect your privacy. Please read it thoroughly and carefully. Your continued use of this website indicates that you agree with this privacy policy.

Who Is Responsible for Your Data?

This website is owned and managed by Betsquare. The company is also responsible for managing the data provided on the website. The information obtained on this website may be held in databases and made available to other companies working for us. However, such companies will also comply with this privacy policy.

How We Get Your Personal Data

We may obtain your personal data through two means.

  • The data you provide to us
  • The data we obtain automatically

Data You Give to Us

While you don’t have to provide any personal data before you can use this website, you will have to provide us with your email address before you can subscribe to our mailing list. The subscription enables us to send you free information on promotions, bonuses, bets, and other activities. You can cancel your subscription anytime by clicking on unsubscribe at the end of any of the emails we sent to you. You can also opt out by contacting us through email, text message, or phone call. In that case, we may keep a record of the request or discussion with you.

Information We Obtain Automatically

Apart from the information you provide us, our system also obtains information from you each time you visit this website. Such information includes your IP address, location, the date you visit, time spent, pages you view, your computer operating system, your internet browser, the kind of your device, your device setting, and other similar information.

What We Do with Your Personal Information

The primary reason we collect your personal data is to improve the quality of services we render to you. We use the email address provided by our mailing subscribers to send them regular emails about promotional offers, casino tips and strategies, the latest casino games, and similar information.

Other data are used for analytics to measure our website performance and how visitors use our services. This information can be shared with a third party, but without revealing the identity of the data owners.