How Can I Stop Gambling and Save Money?

Gambling is fun entertainment where players can get real wins when luck is on their side. For example, a winning combination on a payline or a high-value hand on a blackjack table game. However, AU players need to consider that these games are always associated with risks since each game has a house edge (what the casino earns). Besides, any game can be non-winning. That’s why players need to be prepared for such outcomes and play responsibly.

However, sometimes, the willingness to win big may lead to a gambling problem development. This affects mental health, financial situation, and gambling behaviour in general. That’s why our BetSquare team will explain how to stop gambling, what gambling addiction treatment is like, and what other tips can help overcome the gambling disorder. Moreover, we’ll name safe online casinos in Australia and give tips to look at gambling as entertainment you control rather than a way to earn money. Here we go to tell you more!

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What Is Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling?

When you can’t control your real money games and it leads not only to losses but also to issues like debts, depression, and other negative situations, these are warning signs speaking about gambling problems. And it’s essential to not only reveal the problem in time but also to solve it with the help of professionals. Mainly, it’s a complex of things to help a compulsive player, including both standard tools like self-exclusion or deposit limits and more serious steps like professional treatment options. On this page, you will learn about both helping options and find out what this treatment is like.

How to Help Someone Stop Gambling?

Help someone to stop gambling

The problem of compulsive gamblers causes problems not only for the players themselves but also those who surround these people. Mainly, these are family members of affected gamblers. Besides, these can be colleagues, friends, or just indifferent people who want to help. And the best way to help a person stop gambling is by following these steps:

  1. Talk to the person and find out whether a problem of this kind really takes place
  2. Then, it’s worth letting the person admit that they faced a gambling addiction
  3. After this, it’s necessary to find out the level of the following addiction
  4. Depending on the determined level, it’s worth revealing the ways to help
  5. For professional treatment, a person should contact helping organisations
  6. If the problem isn’t that serious, some options like self-exclusion will be enough

One more essential aspect is supporting players who are in trouble. It’s worth speaking about the situation, trying to find out what happened, and creating a helpful environment where a gambler feels safe and can relax, overcoming the addiction issue.

Gambling can be a difficult addiction to manage. These 7 tips provide people with simple ways to reduce the temptations of gambling

stop sign saying STOP GAMBLING

When you understand that a problem of this kind really takes place, you can modify your gambling behavior to minimise risks. These are the 7 top tips Australians can opt for:

  1. Think of the amount you want to spend during the gaming session (it’s also called bankroll)
  2. Be prepared that you may lose this money since gambling is risky and unpredictable
  3. Make sure you choose safe AU online casinos with the best options
  4. Don’t pass by bonuses like a welcome package when the wager is good
  5. Check the RTP of each game and try to pick titles with a score of at least 95.5%
  6. Enter only trustworthy gambling establishments to avoid scammers
  7. Don’t try to chase your losses and come to the casino the next time instead

Self-Help for Gambling Problems

For sure, professional expert help is essential. But when we are talking about the earliest stages of problem gambling or simply some precautionary measures, there are some steps to opt for yourself. For example, playing according to the determined bankroll, activating various limits like deposit or losses ones, or asking casino managers for self-exclusion. Besides, it’s worth setting game session limits, such as up to 2 hours per day, up to 5 hours per week, and up to an hour for a gambling session. However, when the problem is more serious, the help of a mental health professional is a must. It’s also proved by Australian gambling statistics. This way, a player can easily manage the quitting gambling issue.

Join a Support Group

When you are aware of your own problems, you should consult your local support group. Support groups are groups whose members have a similar experience or past experience. Though support groups do not require specialist intervention, the users can try them online or in person in a chatroom. Gamblers Anonymous provides an individual support service for those struggling in the gambling industry. The Group focuses on following the familiar 12 Step approach that other organisations, such as Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous use. To get more support groups for players, please call the National Problem Gambling Hotline.

How Do I Recognize an Addictive Gambler?

When a person faces a compulsive gambling problem, this can be revealed according to several factors. Here are the most obvious signs:

  • The person spends more than several hours per day gambling
  • Problem gamblers have difficulties with money which lead to financial problems
  • Some users may suffer from emotional pain
  • Such players can borrow money from family members or other people around
  • Pathological gambling may force a person to leave their job and stay at home playing all the time

When you are not gambling but see a person facing problems of this kind, ask this person whether you can help them. But it should be lending money. Instead, you should contact helping organisations and support that person.

Dealing with gambling cravings

table game with a sign saying to stop gambling

One more approach to avoid gambling and prevent relapse is a tip when you find alternatives. For example, spending time deep breathing during rock climbing and searching for new hobbies. This way, you save money and diversify your free time.

Coping with lapses

Well, a gambling problem is a complex issue that depends on many factors, even environmental factors. That’s why it’s worth being prepared to fail when you gamble again. And it’s important to understand whether it’s important or not. For example, you may decide to gamble rarely, maybe once a week. This way, you easily control your activity and avoid addiction. So you shouldn’t be angry with yourself when something goes wrong, just continue and you’ll improve your mental health, controlling your gambling at the same time.

#1 Admit You Have a Gambling Problem

Admitting that you suffer from gambling addiction is the first helpful tip to escape problems when dealing with real money funds. You need to analyse your bets and your total gambling behaviour. When your losses are too large and frequent and you are depressed after such games, these are the first signs.

#2 Remember That Gambling Addiction Can Be Cured

Once you’ve realised that you’ve faced this problem, don’t worry. Fortunately, gambling addiction can be cured, especially when gamblers opt for professional help. As a result, it won’t be difficult to master avoiding gambling and replace this activity with safe hobbies that don’t cause behavioural addictions.

#3 Do Not Quit Gambling Cold Turkey

If you’ve been so fond of online casino games, whether top-tier pokies or tables, don’t quit this entertainment at once since it may cause more difficulties. Instead, make small yet regular steps. For example, decrease your bankroll, play at lower stakes, or play twice less frequently than you normally do.

#4 Use an App to Stop Gambling

Actually, these can be not only gambling apps but also online software, such as NetNanny. It can be used by either players themselves or friends and family. When the app is modified accordingly, it can block access to certain sites, for example, gambling ones.

#5 Remind yourself that Gamblers Change

Don’t get at a loss thinking that your gambling addiction won’t let you live your previous life. In fact, anyone can overcome gambling addiction, which means that you don’t have to get upset when dealing with it yourself.

#6 Assume Responsibility for Your Actions

You should realise that a gambling problem is caused by your own behaviour, and you can control it to influence the situation. It can be improved by personal relationships and self help groups. Plus, thanks to self esteem, you can find out whether there are underlying problems causing the addiction.

#7 Read Gambling Addiction Stories on Reddit

There is a popular tip provided by the National Council on problem gambling. It’s recommended for young adults in Australia to read about other users who managed to postpone gambling. For example, on Reddit. This way, you can find out how other players managed to deal with the gamble problem.

#8 Get Help Online If You Can't Afford Clinics

When the help of medical professionals in clinics is too expensive, you can seek professional help to deal with gambling problems online. These can be organisations like Gamblers Anonymous. Besides, you can find a licensed professional counselor. However, when there are mental disorders like bipolar disorder, you should better visit a clinic.

How to Stop Compulsive Gambling for Good?

Some compulsive gamblers want to overcome the gambling difficulty not only for a certain period but for good. This makes sense when you see that the problem is too serious (gambling debts, mental health issues, too much gambling money spent, etc.). In this case, there are several top tips:

  • Tell your friends and family about the problem and ask them to support you when the problem takes place
  • Opt for a diagnostic and statistical manual or the American psychiatric association
  • Avoid gambling urges like visiting new casinos and viewing their promotions
  • View the tips of the National Council on problem gambling

Gambling Addiction Treatment: Making Healthier Choices

Not to urge to gamble, problem gamblers get professional help where experts are doing their best to replace the activities so that you want to go hiking rather than gamble. It’s only one example, but its overall issue is that you need to make a healthier choice and do what is good for you rather than what suits your bad habits.

Finding Alternatives to Gambling

As for alternatives to the gamble activity, there can be loads of them, it all depends on what you like more. For example, you can play video games (not gambling ones), read books, watch films, or dedicate more time to your work. The time you used to gamble can be spent on various helpful activities you appreciate the most.

How to Stop Gambling: Summary

When you are a problem gambler and you feel that you are in financial trouble trying to get extra money via the gamble activity, don’t worry. This can be solved when you know how to avoid compulsive stakes. You or your family member can get special tools on your PC to block gambling sites. Besides, your online casino can have special responsible gambling tools for you not to urge to gamble. And finally, you can ask for professional help at organisations like gamble and alcoholics anonymous. Remember that you can control your activities, gambling is a matter of luck, and it’s not a way to get income. With this in mind, your experience is sure to be safe!

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If you still aren’t sure that everything is clear, here are several frequently asked questions to give you the answers about the best online casino sites and sum up the above.

Why can't I stop gambling?

When you feel that you can’t control your gambling activity, this speaks for the compulsive gambler qualities. In this case, you need help from experts or special responsible tools.

How do you break the cycle of gambling?

It can be done by restricting gambling activity via special tools (eg. self-exclusion) and help from professionals, whether online or in land-based areas.

What are the 3 types of gamblers?

These can be casual, high roller, and compulsive ones. The latest is the type that requires the help of professionals.

Why do I gamble until I lose?

This happens when you can’t control your games and stakes. In this case, it’s worth minimising your games.

Is it too late to stop gambling?

You can stop gambling at any time. Just keep in mind that the earlier you determine the problem, the easier it is to solve it.

How do I stop my gambling addiction?

You need to determine the amount you can spend and use corresponding casino tools not to overcome it. If it doesn’t help, you can opt for the help of professionals.

What are the 3 signs of problem gambling?

They are depression when not gambling or losing, debts connected with gambling losses, and the inability to stop placing bets when it’s time to quit.

What are the stages of gambling addiction?

These are the winning phase, the losing phase, the desperation phase, and the hopeless phase.

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