How much do Australians lose on gambling? Gambling activity in Australia

Today, gambling in Australia is becoming not only a way to entertain Aussies but also a way to increase the income for the government. The ways to enjoy this experience include lots of online solutions, be they pokies from the leading vendors or sports betting. However, the industry needs to be improved in certain areas, including its legislation details (eg. Interactive Gambling Act) and, of course, responsible gaming requirements to control gambling behaviour and make the overall experience safer.

Too often, Australians gamble for huge sums, and the losses hurt their savings. The above is not an omission in the gambling industry; it’s interesting but also slightly depressing to see how rampant gaming can impact the lives of people in ways beyond the obvious. For example, it’s estimated that Aussies lost approximately $25 billion on legal forms of gambling in 2018–19, which creates the largest per capita losses in the world (Letts 2018; QGSO 2021). That’s why it’s essential to understand what qualities lead to problem gambling and how to stop gambling to make the overall experience protected and safe

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Gambling Around The World: The Big Picture

world map of statistics gamblng

We start with a broad brush. The gambling market can be a diverse and sometimes complex beast, but when a person focuses his eye on it a number of positive results can be noticed. From the top of the chart, a gambler will determine the value of the business in general and the value in particular. In the past five years, the gambling industry has had impressive growth. Here are several basic facts:

  • Statistically, 26% of the population gamble (about 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble, and 4.2 billion gamble at least once every year)
  • According to the UK study, 17% of the population gamble online (£5.3 billion market revenue)
  • In most cases, online players opt for mobile games and solutions like Pay by Phone casinos Australia or at least play both on desktops and portable devices
  • About 80% of the people in Australia are involved in the industry, spending around $18 billion a year
  • The largest group of gamblers in Australia is 50 to 59 years old, and in most cases, these are male gamblers

Gambling in General (Billions)

World betting data shows that around 26% of the world’s gamblers are male. Almost all gamblers consume alcohol and gambling is a big problem. According to a new report by the UK Government, a quarter of the UK’s population gamble online. In the USA, this number is very different, 3% of the people who reportedly gambled online in 2016 accounted for only about 17%. As for the top countries where gambling is most popular, these are Australia, Singapore, and the USA. In most cases, online operators within these countries work with offshore licences, and the government is doing its best to legalise all these aspects so that gamblers can be sure that, for example, online pokies in Australia are legal, and provide corresponding responsible gaming tools in these countries.

The Great iGaming Equation

According to the data collected, the gambling sector grew rapidly. In fact, there’s anteing up across the board, be they live casinos in Canada or the economy sector in Spain. Although the global financial crisis has made the gambling industry develop less than expected in the past 10 years, the balance sheet remains intact. In fact, the advent of digital gaming technologies is bringing in revenues at new levels in an industry that continues to grow.

From time to time, the iGaming sector faces difficulties and new restrictions, but new solutions like live dealer games, sports betting available across various mobile devices, varied features in games, bonuses like welcome offers for new players, virtual reality development, and other details make the annual revenues record-breaking. As a result, the economy associated with the iGaming sector is certain to succeed, but it needs to be connected with a range of safety issues for consumers.

Moreover, in the near future, there are several factors which can influence the gambling activity and its legal forms.

  • European gambling market development
    This area has been among the leading sectors where iGaming is developing rapidly and successfully. Across the globe, during 2015, the EU market made up 47.6% of the €34.6 billion of online gaming gross wins (bets minus winnings) generated.
  • Increasing iGaming revenues
    The global gambling market managed to increase by 5.7%, and that’s still not the limit since more providers and operators join the market, while the governments are fixing the laws to let these companies work legally and pay taxes. The same is with Australia.
  • Development in Macau
    The Morgan Stanley report titled “Macau 2022 – Power of Compounding” shows that the revenue in Macau was expected to be $53 billion by 2022, and this forecast succeeded. As a result, Macau is expected to be the only place in the world, excluding Las Vegas, where land-based casinos are succeeding.
  • Australia as the main player
    The average loss per gambler in Australia is $1,000, which makes it nearly the largest player in the iGaming industry. And since the winnings Aussies receive are also large, it’s not surprising that the industry in the country keeps on growing with all modern tools like mobile optimisation being applied.
  • More female gamblers in the industry
    Today, male gamblers in gambling participation are still the majority, but this keeps on changing since more and more women join the industry, so today, the percentage of female consumers in the iGaming industry is 40% (according to the UKGC reports).

Global Gambling Industry in Recent years

Like all over represented statistics, it is in perspective. When you see the global gaming lost list you’ll see if the operators have benefited from the game. Here are the gambling locations according to visitors. Is this interesting? Nevertheless, Chinese people are not ranked in our top ten gambling losses. The Macau tourism sector was struggling in the past year, but visitors have kept Macau on top. Australia has high loss and revenue numbers as key findings.

a overvieuw of statistics

When taking a look at gambling losses per adult, Australia is leading. Then, you can see Singapore, Ireland, Finland, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Italy, and the United Kingdom. This is the first way to take a look at the global gambling outlay. Besides, you can consider gambling losses per country, which makes the outcomes somewhat different. In this case, the USA is in first place, and then, you can see China, Japan, Italy, Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, and Spain. This speaks for regular gambling in these countries.

overvieuw of gambling losses statistics per country and australia

Total value of the Australian gambling industry 2013-2014 = AU$156.9 billion ($116 billion)

The disputed pokie game industry has been dominating in Australia and translating into the total gambling expenditure highlighted in local statistics. It is also known locally as a slot machine or fruit machine. In addition to land casino locations in Melbourne and Sydney pokies are found in pub-style clubs in the majority of states. In Northern Territory and Western Australians pokie play currently has limited use in the casinos. But things may change. The latest survey showed about 16% of Australian adults play poker on poker machines. The average person plays one game per week. But sports bets are growing. Australian citizens may place their bets on a range of sports betting events, including race betting, horse racing, horse or dog races, greyhound racing, and other racing events.

Gambling statistics in Australia – how much do we lose?

The latest Australian Gambling Statistics report (Queensland government statistician’s office) released by Queensland Treasury shows that Australians have stakes worth $242 billion in gambling. In 2017-18, this amount increased to $208 billion. Averages across 1975 million Australians over 18 are over 12,000 per person. In fact, when we are talking about online gambling, it’s obvious that such activities are associated with risks, be it sports betting, gaming on poker machines, casino table games, instant scratch tickets, or whatever else. Any research found anywhere in official resources will prove this.

Moreover, Australian gambling sites also warn Aussies that gambling participation is risky, so players must be responsible and avoid compulsive gambling behaviour which causes gambling harm. Helping organisations arrange family studies and other research types to reveal the best helping methods for such cases, which creates a wider community of helping experts and allows the spent money amount of gamblers to be minimised and planned according to the bankroll.

How Gambling Affects Your Savings?

It doesn’t matter how much you have money to invest. Let’s take a look at the global example. The average household in the USA spends $6,396 a year and $583 a year. Averaging $1,260 per person reduces these savings to about $5,137 yearly. The loss of a few billion dollars in Australian savings is estimated each year by government officials as the greatest proportion. There are certainly problem gamblers who are losing thousands of dollars per year, far exceeding their money. Even if there is not any problem with gaming, the tiny amounts here and there can quickly increase, even if there are no returns for it.

To find out further details, Aussies can explore social research results based on family studies, labour dynamics, and things like a university degree. Over the represented results of data sources, you can view the problem gambling degree according to the Australian institute, compare low income households with others, find out household’s total disposable income with spent money, and cover financial problems which problem gamblers can face with electronic gaming machines or any other software.

Global Gambling Industry: The House Always Wins

The market share of the online gambling industry is usually sky-high, which shows that operators get large incomes. But players need to keep in mind that these incomes are based on their losses. That’s why gambling participation is always associated with risks, be it sports betting with the highest odds, poker machines with the best conditions, electronic gaming machines with the highest RTP, casino table games with the best dealers, and more. At any rate, online casinos have a house edge, which makes the casino earn.

Unfortunately, low income households spent funds or problem gambling make these statistics even worse. This can be proved by any social research found in the Australian institute or beyond. According to the gambling outlay, the greater proportion consists of net amount losses from problem gamblers.

As for the house edge itself, to understand it, it’s worth taking a look at the examples. Let’s take a look at Narcos, one of the most popular electronic gaming machines from NetEnt. Its RTP is 96.23%, and here are the calculations:

As the house edge is 96.23%, this means that 3.77% (100% – 96.23%) is the house edge, the amount the casino earns. According to this, from each AU$100 wagered, the casino earns AU$3.77. 

Of course, it’s not correct to count your further outcomes this way. This calculation is true for global payments, bets, wins, and losses through all casinos in Australia where this pokie is available. To understand this calculation globally, imagine that 1,000 real money bets are placed at the same time. Yes, the casino gets its money by all means, so at the house edge of 3.77%, 1,000 bets on the Narcos pokie bring this casino AU$30.77. However, when it comes to players, it’s a bit more complicated.

The thing is that you don’t get only the specified amount and this doesn’t mean that you by all means lose (though such risks always take place and you must play responsibly). For example, a player can win AU$150 from a bet of AU$5, and this is great for this player. But taking into account the previous calculations, you need to consider that this will be compensated from the bets of other players since the casino still earns its house edge, while others get wins less frequently because of that.

As for sports betting, this works a bit another way since the odds are displayed beforehand and you opt for placing your bet on the team you like. However, all the risks are already considered by online casinos, so the losses of other players compensate for the wins for the operator. That’s why you still need to remain vigilant and keep on managing your bankroll smartly.

Who’s Doing Worse?

picture of person and statictics

Today, the status of the most gambling country belongs to Australia since AU players managed to spend over AU$916 per person in 2014, which is the highest rate compared to other countries. But, of course, not only Aussies are involved in the gambling industry so much. In addition, players from Las Vegas, Singapore, Malta, and a range of other countries keep on increasing the iGaming industry by placing wagers on sports betting, electronic gaming machines, poker machines, and more. And when it comes to those who gamble in Australia, mostly, they are men aged 50 to 59. However, categories aged 40 to 49 and 30 to 39 are just as active when it comes to real money stakes.

How do Australian gamblers compare to other populations?

Las Vegas may be synonymous with gambling but United States gambling is nowhere near. Australia’s gambling population reaches an unprecedented 20,000 losses a year. In Australia, gambling loss in 2017 was $US958. Currently, the world’s second largest economy has a GDP that surpassed the US at $868.8. The US economy ranks 9th with $42 per person lost. Because the gambling in Australia has become easier and normal, the smarter gambler would probably not be betting on losing a ‘top-spot’ in the near future.

The Pokies

Australian culture embraced gambling and risk and rewards. Gambling is prevalent in Australian culture which you can’t ignore particularly if you watch television or sports. Even after the popularity of online poker for sport and racing and The Bachelor’s victory, pokies remained the most popular gaming option. In 2017-18 Australians lost over $20 billion in gambling through the pokies. Australia is the world’s largest country with a combined 20 per cent population. Is there a reason for that?

Sports Betting

Online gambling is growing especially among young men as normalisation is everywhere on TV. Sports betting with its racing events is becoming more popular among the younger and less well-educated population. The bet on races was up by 4% in 2015-16, while Sports bets rose by 4% in 2016. This category has increased 149% year-on-year and the racing by 8.2%. Moreover, the government has good conditions for land-based bets of this kind. The European Gaming and Betting Association stated that in 2016, $58 billion (rise over $77 billion) was the revenue in the global market.

The Rise of Social Gambling/Casino

In 2016, social casino markets topped $3.85 billion. It is estimated by analysts that the social casino industry is expected to gain +23% between 2015 and 2023. In 2017, social gaming generated $4.44 billion in revenues. Analysts say growth of 5% is expected over four years. The world’s total gaming population numbered around 173 billion in 2015. Playtika remained the largest online social casino publisher worldwide with 254% market share followed by SciGames Interactive with 8.54% market share, followed by Zynga with 8.4% market share.

Top Gambling Centers

In gambling, everything is the same. We all fight the odds whether we play live or on-demand games and bets on games. Despite this, some countries rose more in the past year than others. How do countries gamble the best? The United Kingdom, Australia, and Macau became the world’s top gambling experts by implementing a combined regulatory approach and effective promotion in the early 1900’s. Let’s examine the major players of the gaming industry to become world leaders by 2030.

  • Australia
    The country, especially Western Australia, is known both for its mind-blowing revenue of AU$156.9 billion for the land-based casinos in Melbourne and Sydney. Players here adore fruit machines, pokie machines, and more software variations.
  • Canada
    Canadians are also known as dedicated gamblers, so the industry is full of top-tier operators and providers. In 2014, the number of gaming areas was 34,955 and the average spend per player per casino visit was, for example, CA$53 for poker.
  • United Kingdom
    Here, the government is friendly to the online gambling industry when it’s safe and fair. That’s why there is a local UKGC licence. Even in 2014, the number of virtual electronic gaming machines exceeded 171,134. And in 2023, there are much more.
  • Macau
    This area is known as a leading area for land-based operators. And though mainland China prohibits gambling, that’s not true for Macau where 50% of the country’s income is based on gambling. For example, it was $38 billion in 2018.
  • USA
    In the United States, gambling is not only for entertainment but also for the economy and new jobs for locals. Today, this business is worth $261 billion and holds 1.8 million jobs.

Of course, these statistics can vary since operators are working in all these areas and players can start playing more in a single area. Plus, there can be solutions from the government to boat a certain area, so all these countries, or even more unexpected ones, can increase the number of players.

When Aussies are involved in interactive gaming on online gambling sites, the diversity of available software and modern solutions amazes. Actually, all these types are equally popular among Australians, be they slot machines, race betting, greyhound racing, private betting, lottery games, or other gambling activities. At any rate, they should be played according to responsible gaming terms to avoid problem gambling.

This way, you must be prepared for gambling losses and plan your bankroll according to these risks being considered. Since Australia increased the number of available games and online casinos you find today, this means that all these types are available 24/7, regardless whether you play on desktops or mobiles. Just make sure to choose safe Australian online casinos for your games. So, what gaming machines are adored by Aussies the most?


Gambling in Australia won’t be as it is without online pokies also known as gaming machines, slot machines, or electronic gaming machines. The total gambling expenditure statistics prove that these titles are nearly the most popular ones and gather a wider community of its fans in recent years. Such gambling activities are popular for a high RTP, unexpected features, which can be not only free spins but also more advanced options like Walking Wilds or Infinity Reels, and much more.

Today, the Australian gambling industry is supplied by vendors like Aristocrat, Pragmatic Play, RTG (Real Time Gaming), NetEnt, and others. In most cases, you’ll find a filter by providers to search for these games. Plus, there can be additional filters by the options of these pokies. Looking for the most popular ones? Well, they are all engaging, but here are electronic gaming machines Aussies play most frequently:

  • Lucky 88 from Aristocrat has Asian vibes and a sky-high RTP of 97%. There are 25 paylines and a range of bonus options, including up to 25 free games, special Wilds with multipliers up to 88x, and other attractive features.
  • Wolf Treasure from IGTech is a game for those who enjoy wild nature and fascinating features. It’s good for regular gambling thanks to medium variance and a quite high RTP of 96%, so pokie machines of this kind are both popular and beneficial.
  • Mega Moolah from Games Global is an online gambling masterpiece adored by Aussies for the progressive jackpots provided in record-breaking amounts. Such gaming machines definitely deserve your attention.
  • Book of Ra from Novomatic is a game launched in 2008. It’s one of the most popular classic titles standing for the average gambling expenditure. Its bonuses include free spins, expanding wilds, and the gamble feature.
  • Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play is a more modern title with more advanced features of gaming machines. Features like Tumbles and Ante Bet make gambling participation even more thrilling.

When playing these titles responsibly, you will be able to avoid gambling related problems and enjoy the industry according to the interactive gambling act. But you also need to consider that gambling studies prove that pokie machines are always random, so there are no strategies for such online gambling titles and you rely only on your luck.


One more popular direction for gambling participation is the range of casino table games, and one of the main types Aussies adore is online blackjack. Its rules are simple, while there are enough facilities to apply various gambling strategies. According to gambling expenditure statistics, this game is played in Australia really often. It can be either a live game or an automatic RTG title.

It’s a card game based on hand values. Initially, both a player and a dealer get two cards (one face up and one face down). Then, a player decides whether to get another card (hit) or finish the game with the received values (stand). The winner is revealed by counting the card values (eg. 9 for a nine or 10 for a King). Aces are counted as either 11 or 1 (always the better position for a player). The winner is a player with a higher hand value, but it shouldn’t exceed 21.

Such casino table games have a sky-high RTP, which can exceed 99% in some cases. These gambling activities are extremely beneficial, but you still need to control your games and remember risks to minimise the problem gambling severity index and avoid problem gambling forms. As a result, Australian gambling becomes attractive and accessible.


Still not enough gambling activities for your betting experience? Then pay attention to online roulette. This is a perfect option for gambling participation for both newbies and experienced AU gamblers. Regarding gambling in Australia, it’s popular in both Northern territory and all over across the country among Australian adults.

It’s nice that the games can be played both with classic stakes like black/red and odds/evens. Such bet types can be connected with betting strategies like Fibonacci and Martingale ones (but the games are still random and you need to play carefully to avoid gambling related problems). However, players searching for more excitement can opt for side bets with higher winning amounts and higher risks as well.

In other words, open the roulette game you like (European, French, or American), launch the games you like on desktops or mobiles, and bet on numbers or choose other gaming bet options. As simple as that.


One more type popular for gambling participation in Australia is online baccarat. It’s also one of the card games where you count hand values. The Australian institute proves that the game is popular among all territory governments and played by about 20% of Australian adults visiting online gambling sites. The high RTP of such software makes betting perfect, even when it comes to high stakes (of course, this suits non problem gamblers who can control gambling expenditure).

You also need to count cards, but now, your goal is to get 9  points, and once you get, for example, 11, you deduct 10, so your overall goal is only 1. That’s why the gaming session can be quite long. Other gaming advantages of such software include varied stakes, good bonuses from Australian online casinos where these titles are available, and an opportunity to use responsible gaming tools to avoid gambling problems.

Poker Machines

What is gambling in Australia without poker? Well, the types of this game are also varied. When we are talking about online poker, it’s a game where you try to get the highest hand value from your five cards. These combinations are High Card or Pair as the lowest values or Straight Flush and Royal Flush as the highest ones. There are various online gambling strategies for poker and the RTP here is also high. But gambling losses also may take place, so careful gameplay over represented games is always essential to stay away from gambling related problems.

In addition to this type, territory governments state that there are interactive gaming alternatives popular among Aussies. These are poker machines also known as video poker. Gambling losses on such software are minimised due to the sky-high RTP of over 98%. Here, you also collect hand values according to the poker table. But the game is played only in two steps. You receive the cards and either hold or replace them. Then, the cards are replaced and the results are announced. That’s why these titles are so popular and family studies state that low income households spent about 35% of their gambling bets on video poker and regular poker games.


Talking about lottery games in the context of gambling in Australia is a pleasure since instant scratch tickets and other lottery variations are good for regular gambling. They are a perfect example of interactive gaming when a player is involved and enjoys instant results. These ottery titles are usually instant scratch tickets of different variations. Pretty often, they are based on well-known pokies Australian adults launch so often. For example, Age of the Gods Scratch from Playtech.

According to the Australian institute, such instant scratch tickets are popular among high income households, especially in the Northern territory. Since it’s a big part of gambling in Australia, this betting also needs to be regulated not to be associated with gambling problems. As for other lottery types, they are keno, bingo, and various other instant scratch tickets. The rewards players got from lotteries rose 22% between 2012 and 2015, with £3.38 billion being received by customers in 2012 and £4.13 billion in three years.


This lottery type is as popular among Aussies as race betting and the instant scratch tickets mentioned above. The rules of online bingo are simple. You get either one or several tickets (usually, it’s necessary to pay for the extra ones), and then, the machine starts giving balls with numbers. These numbers cover matching numbers on the tickets, and once the machine with the balls stops, you check whether there are winning lines on your tickets.

Pretty often, bingo machines allow Aussies to buy extra balls. Plus, there are jackpot games or balls with bonus features. Non problem gamblers easily access bingo at all Australian online casinos, such as the top payout casinos we have in our BetSquare rating. According to Australian institute studies, nearly 20% of the gambling spendings are transferred towards bingo games. As for global statistics, there are about 100 million online bingo players worldwide and 70-80% of them are women (30 to 50 is the average age).

Online Gambling Crash Games

Crash games are electronic gaming machines where players determine themselves when to stop. This is a perfect option for non problem gamblers since such games are quite risky, especially when you keep on playing for a long time. For example, Aviator from Spribe is an online gambling title where you rule a plane. You go up and the potential winning amount increases this way. Once you stop, you can collect the displayed winning. However, in some cases, the plane crashes before you stop the game and you lose.

That’s why this game model may lead to a high gambling expenditure, so you need to manage your bankroll beforehand to be aware of problem gambling. As you could guess, volatility varies depending on your gambling style. When you stop playing in a few seconds, the risks are minimised, but the wins are also low. And vice versa, when you try to reach the highest rate, this volatility is high.

Sports Betting

Among other gaming variations, Aussies should pay attention to sports betting. Bookmakers cover all top-tier racing events and matches in different countries of the world. Plus, the range of sports betting variations is stunning:

  • Race betting
  • Football
  • Dog races
  • Basketball
  • Greyhound racing
  • MMA & other fighting sports
  • Horse racing
  • Private betting
  • E-sport with popular computer games involved

It’s worth noting that the Australian government creates an environment for land-based sports betting (especially in the Northern territory) as well. As a result, there are more facilities to control the industry and avoid gambling harm. Plus, non problem gamblers are welcome to receive bonuses for real bets and events like horse or dog races.

This area is adored for one more aspect. It’s great that there are different sports betting forecasts so that bettors can analyse previous matches, learn more about the participating teams, and, in some cases, even place bets right during matches. Due to this, players can be prepared and involved in the betting process to the maximum.

Australia Gambling Statistics: How to Play Responsibly?

Since online gambling in Australia is developing more and more rapidly, it’s necessary to realise that compulsive behaviour may lead to gambling harm. This means that players may face gambling related problems, which can lead to financial difficulties or even mental health problems. With this in mind, family studies and the Australian institute analyse what things influence the development of gambling problems and how to help problem gamblers once the addiction of this kind takes place.

To find out whether your gambling expenditure limits are moderate and your games are responsible, here are several questions to analyse your behaviour while betting:

  • Do you opt for betting more than 3 days per week?
  • Do you have gambling activities more than 2 hours per day?
  • Do you borrow money for gambling needs?
  • Do you keep your gambling experience a secret?
  • Can you see that your gambling expenditure is increasing with each new session?
  • Do you have depression when you aren’t involved in gambling?
  • Do you want to spend more money when you lose?

When you have positive answers to most of these questions, this speaks about the problem gambling signs. In this case, Aussies can ask professionals for help to overcome gambling related problems. Besides, gambling sites have special tools for players to control their gameplay and activities.

Tips for Safe Gambling in Australia

To have your gambling expenditure minimised, you need to control your private betting activities. These are several tips to help Australian adults overcome problem gambling:

  • Determine your betting limit before you start playing and don’t spend more
  • You can also determine the potential gambling wins and stop playing once this goal is reached
  • Avoid too large stakes when your bankroll is small (it’s worth making several moderate bets instead)
  • When you feel that you can’t control your gambling activity, use the tools like self-exclusion or deposit limits
  • Besides, when gambling related problems are obvious, it’s worth asking for professional help

Locals who need help may opt for Australian institute tips or contact international gambling help organisations like GamStop. This way, gambling expenditure will be minimised, while betting won’t affect daily life and the financial sphere.

Remember: betting is entertainment rather than a stable income. You should spend on gambling purposes only the amount you can afford to lose. However, when you win, it’s an attractive advantage and you can withdraw these funds.

The Best Australian Online Casinos at BetSquare

Family studies in Australia show that gambling expenditure in the country is large, making Aussies leaders in the gambling area. This speaks for the high gambling potential, but it also shows that players need to be careful and vigilant when opting for a gambling venue. That’s why BetSquare prepared both gambling tips for Australians and the rating of the best AU online casinos. Here, players can see the main qualities we consider to add these casinos to our rating:

Quality Why it’s important How we test it
Licensing A gambling licence (MGA, UKGC, Curacao) is a must for the operator to provide fair and non-rigged real money games. First, we analyse the site and its T&Cs. Then, we find the licence icon and push it to make sure that the licence is really active.
Responsible gambling tools Gambling in Australia needs to be safe and responsible so that players don’t take high risks and control their betting activity. We make sure that the casino has tools like self-exclusion and provides helping tips for players who suffer from addiction.
The range of games There should be enough gambling facilities, and when you know how to win at pokies and pick the best ones, it’s a perfect experience. We analyse the gambling library of each offered casino, check whether there are varied games, and test them ourselves.
Fast and secure payouts Gambling brings real wins when you deposit and play lucky games. That’s why it’s necessary to have enough AU-friendly payment options. Our team checks the range of available payment options, their limits, fees on the casino’s side, and maximum cashouts.
Advantages for VIPs For those who gamble on a regular basis, there are various gambling advantages. They are given within the VIP casino program. Our duty is to check whether the loyalty program is available. Plus, we analyse how many levels it has and their perks.
Sports betting facilities Players need to access diversified gambling solutions, and options like betting on horse racing definitely deserve your attention. We visit an online casino we are reviewing and check whether it has a betting section with a range of events to bet on.

How to Start Playing in Australia

The gambling world is very attractive, especially when we are talking about online solutions that make all casino games available through mobiles, laptops, and desktops. The rules are simple, while the main requirements for players are being 18+ and playing for their own money. When you want to get started, follow the guide over here:

  1. Analyse the BetSquare rating and pick an AU online casino you like the most. When looking through these real money online casinos, pay attention to the details you appreciate while playing your games. For example, the bonus amount and the payout limits. As for basic factors like licensing and safety, our BetSquare experts have already tested all these aspects, so you can fully trust our rating.
  2. The next step is getting registered. You need to add your personal and contact details, fill in the registration form, and confirm these details then. Usually, you confirm your email address and phone number at once, and then, you need to verify your documents, which may take up to several days.
  3. After registration, you are welcome to make your first deposit. Moreover, when you are into gambling promotions, enter a promo code or activate your welcome package. It’s just recommended to explore the page with T&Cs before you claim any of the offered bonuses.
  4. When depositing, you pick a convenient and Australian-friendly payment method. Then, it’s time to add an amount you want to deposit and confirm the payment. In a few minutes, the money is on your casino account and you can place real money bets.
  5. Finally, when you’ve played the games you enjoy or when you’ve placed bets on sports betting events, it’s time to withdraw funds. You need to make sure that there are no active bonuses and follow instructions to make a transaction. Depending on the casino’s payout time, it takes from several hours to up to a few days.

As you can see, this guide is simple. Today, Aussies gamble a lot, which is proven statistically, so you can join this group, but only when you are doing it responsibly and with resistance. This way, the industry will improve for the better, while you will benefit from thrilling and well-paying titles from top-tier iGaming brands.

Are Australian Online Casinos Fair?

The statistics you see on this page are based on fair games and outcomes at licensed online casinos. Unfortunately, not all operators you find online are just as fair, so you need to be attentive and opt for licensed and safe casinos only. When it’s so, you can be sure that your experience will be protected and secure. Payments are processed by trustworthy options, while RNG tests of online software show that the games give random and fair outcomes. So yes, when gambling on reliable sites from the BetSquare rating, your experience is safe and fair. Just don’t forget about the potential risks and play responsibly.

Australian Gambling Statistics: Summary

Here in Australia, both gambling and sports betting are extremely popular, which can be proved by both statistics and the range of providers and operators providing gambling services for Aussies. The main factors to prove this are the following:

  • In 2022, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) proved that 11% (more than 1 in 10) of adult Australians reported they’ve been participating in the gambling activities within the last 6 months. Compared to 2020, it’s 8% more. This result is achieved thanks to digital technology development and the facilities of online gambling
  • There are certain addictive gambling signs in the country. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that about $25bn are lost to legal forms of gambling every year
  • New South Wales has been called the most gambling state in 2020 (around AU$1,508 as a per capita gambling expenditure). Then, you can see Northern Territory at almost 1,352 Australian dollars per capita
  • They say that gambling has been around for years. One of opinions to explain this is the a flow-on from Elizabethan England and the harshness of the settlement in its early days
  • Regarding the taxes in Australia, the betting tax is calculated at 15% on taxable betting revenue that exceeds the threshold
  • In 2023 and the next few years, the gambling area in Australia is certain to boost. Operators and gambling providers add new tools and details to the industry (virtual reality, progressive jackpots, games with awesome gambling features) to make it more desired and beneficial for players
  • Gambling is highest in the North and lowest in the West of the country
  • Besides the online gambling and betting area, there are land-based solutions, including Club Totem, Dove & Olive, and Scruffy Murphy’s as pubs in Sydney where players can find pokies
  • As for large land-based Australian casinos, they are The Star Sydney, Crown Casino, City Tattersalls Club, and more

With all this in mind, you can conclude that the industry is certain to become larger, while the operators and the local government will do their best to provide all the safety measures to provide a secure and responsible experience. Yes, when we see that the revenue of this industry is growing so rapidly, this means that many players had unlucky games, which allowed operators to earn so much. But you also need to look at this from the other side.

While the house edge is about 1% to 5%, 95% to 99% is what returns to players, so Aussies can count on really massive regular and jackpot wins. For example, in 2011, a lucky AU player managed to win $30 million playing pokies at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. And today, when there are so many online progressive slots for Australians, these chances are even larger.

With this in mind, we can conclude that iGaming is the industry that will boost the Australian economy in 2023 and the next few years. And when you want to join this entertainment, do it with resistance and trust BetSquare with our helpful ratings!

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If you still aren’t sure that everything is clear, here are several frequently asked questions to give you the answers about the best online casino sites and sum up the above.

How popular is gambling in Australia?

The Australian institute states that about 80% of the people in Australia are involved in the gambling industry, spending around $18 billion a year.

Does Australia have a gambling problem?

Certain players may face this problem, but the government and local gambling operators are doing their best to make gambling for Aussies safe and controlled.

How much does the average Australian lose in gambling?

Statistically, Aussies spend around $18 billion a year. As for private betting spendings, the average loss per gambler in Australia is $1,000.

What percentage of Australia gambles?

Today, it’s proven that over 80% of adults in Australia are involved in gambling by launching various casino games or betting on sports.

What are the top 5 online casinos?

These are gambling sites where players enjoy safe gameplay with advantages like bonuses and VIP rewards. You can find the top-5 rating here at BetSquare.

How do you break a gambling addiction?

Once a player faces a gambling addiction, it’s necessary to stop gambling by opting for the self-exclusion option and contacting professional organisations like GamCare.

Is casino a skill or luck?

All gambling and betting activities are based on luck, though players can apply strategies and analyses in some cases (eg. analysing previous races in horse racing).

Where is the biggest gambling city in the world?

For now, it’s Macau which is also known as “Gambling capital of the world” or “Monte Carlo of the East”. Besides, Las Vegas is home to global gambling entertainment.

What countries are known for gambling?

Actually, Australia is the gambling leader number one. Besides, other countries involved in gambling are the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and more.

Which state in Australia gambles the most?

In 2020, it was New South Wales where players placed around 1,508 Australian dollars. The next highest per capita expenditure on gambling was in Northern Territory at almost 1,352 Australian dollars per capita.

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