Australian Open Betting Guide

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Australian Open Betting Guide

The Australian Open is held annually in Melbourne as part of the Grand Slam of major tennis tournaments. Since 1905, it has been one of the most prestigious events across global sports and is the first Grand Slam event in the tennis calendar annually.

At Betsquare, we want to introduce you to Australian Open betting markets and where you can find the best prices around. Our guide looks at the types of bets you can place and how to tailor your approach to make returns a more likely outcome for your bet.

Where to Bet on the Australian Open Betting? 8 Best Australian Sportsbooks

Where are the best places to place your wager for the Australian Open? Every year, numerous sports bookmakers offer Australian Open betting markets and odds for other tennis events, so here are our choices for you to consider: 

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These are the top choices for placing Australian Open bets online. They offer a variety of markets and competitive odds. 

Australian Open Betting Odds

The 2024 edition of the Australian Open has come and gone, with Jannik Sinner from Italy winning the men’s title and Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka claiming the women’s trophy.

As it stands now, Novak Djokovic, one of the best players of all time, is broadly the favourite* among sports bookmakers to become the Australian Open men’s winner in 2025. 

Carlos Alcaraz, the 2023 Wimbledon champion, and Jannik Sinner, the reigning Australian Open champion, will also be near the top of the list as potential champions.

Aryna Sabalenka is top of the odds lists for the women’s crown next year, but many will be interested in Iga Świątek and Coco Gauff, who have had major successes in the past year.

Keep an eye on the Betsquare sports bookmakers’ postings for the latest Australian Open betting odds as they are released.

Understanding Australian Open Betting Markets

Within the sport, there are some standard tennis betting markets that you should consider, as experienced gamblers recognise. 

To make the event more interesting, you won’t have to select from just the winner of two people facing off, but many other types of bets, too. Here are a few options you can consider 

for your Australian Open betting strategy: 

Set Betting

If you think you know how many sets a player will win or lose by, this could be the category for you. 

Rather than simply betting that Player A will win, you can choose by how much they’ll win. For instance, a women’s match has 4 potential outcomes in terms of set scoring: 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, and 0-2. 

However, there are more options in the men’s game because men play five sets in the Australian Open: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-3, and 0-3.

You can enhance your odds using tennis set betting if you don’t just think somebody will win but do so comfortably by sweeping their opponent. Alternatively, if you believe it’ll be a tight affair, you can pick a player to edge their opponent instead.

Match Betting

Match betting is the outright selection of a player winning their fixture against a given opponent. 

Picking someone to win, but not by a specific margin, will reduce the odds. This is a better choice if you’re unsure about the exact outcome but strongly feel about the eventual winner.

When two players are scheduled to face off, you’ll be given odds of them winning this match based on their form, injury record, and historical performance at the event they’re taking part in, among other things. 

Outright Winner (Tournament)

This is the section of the betting page where you’ll find odds on who will win a tournament, such as the Australian Open. 

In theory, your outright winner bet can be made at any point throughout the tournament, but you’ll be given better odds the earlier you make your selection because there are a greater number of players to select from the beginning. 

Within the outright winner markets are each-way selections, which will depend on the bookmaker’s policy but usually means you get a percentage of your winnings if your early selection finishes second. 

However, your objective is to predict the winner of the Australian Open, and it is advantageous for bettors to get better odds on their favourite player than they might in individual games. 

How to Bet on the Australian Open

For people betting on a sports tournament and the individual games match ups within it, there are many bet types you should explore to get the most from your wager, including: 


  • Handicap: Making the most of handicap bets can make any match worth watching. If a tournament favourite is facing a low-ranked qualifier in the early round of the Australian Open, the odds of the more fancied player winning would hardly be worth punting on. Instead, you could bet on the favourite to win a match with a handicap of -1 set. This effectively means that they would need to win 3-0 or 3-2 sets for your bet to win.
  • Accumulator: If there is a full day of tennis ahead and you have several selections you’re confident about, why not put them on an accumulator? Your odds will increase vastly if you’ve selected 3 favourites, for instance, because it accounts for all three of them winning rather than considering them as separate bets. 
  • Live bets: Then there are live bets, which you can place throughout any match. The odds will continue to change as the event unfolds, and you can place your bets at any point if the bookmaker allows it. 


The most experienced bettors have approaches that work for them, or they believe stand a better chance of leading to success. 

Australian Open Betting Tips & Strategies 

To boost your chances of picking a winner, here are some Australian Open betting tips to bear in mind ahead of the tournament: 

Consider form and Injuries

Staying on top of the injury status of each player, like whether they have had a niggle that is taking a while to get over, is crucial. If a player isn’t feeling 100% fit, they probably won’t go on to win the tournament.

Form is equally important; if your selection has been absent from recent tournaments at the earlier stages and looks a shadow of themselves, they might be worth avoiding this time around. Or perhaps you fancy them to change this and will be given better odds because of their poor run.

Only Bet on Players You’re Familiar With

Randomly choosing a name and player based on their odds is unwise and a sign of an unhealthy gambling habit. Stick to what you know by only picking players who have impressed you or whom you’ve done your research on.

While surprises can happen, tennis often doesn’t have a random outcome that can be guessed blindly; the best and top players usually come out on top, but you need to work out whether the odds you’ve been offered are worth how much you believe they’ll win. 

Gamble Responsibly 

A lot of players like to put aside a certain budget for the tournament that they plan on betting; this makes for a decent approach because it’s easy to work out your winnings or losses, and it’s key to responsible gambling

Don’t go beyond your means – placing a bet is supposed to be fun, and to achieve this, it’s crucial that you stay responsible when gambling to ensure that your mental health stays in check and your finances aren’t at risk.

Check Head-to-Head Records

Once you get to the later stages of a tournament, big names will likely be meeting again. 

When these players are drawn against each other, it’s worth inspecting how they’ve performed against one another to see who holds the psychological advantage and which players prefers which surface.

Bet on the Australian Open with Betsquare

In summary, this Betsquare guide to Australian Open betting has hopefully given you a greater insight into the world of tennis betting so you can choose the markets that suit your betting preferences. 

It’s worth knowing the range of set betting markets and other choices within a tennis match, looking at recent performances at the Australian Open, and reviewing the players’ form and injury status to understand their chances of success.

If you use some of the suggestions that we’ve made, then you can find yourself placing more diverse bets and perhaps increasing the likelihood you’ll make returns on your investment.

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