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Ladbrokes is one of the world’s oldest bookmakers. The company started as a commissioning agent for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire in 1886


The founders, Mr. Swind and Mr. Pennington’s initial customer base, focused on gentlemen’s club members. When the telephone became widely used, the company was able to expand its customer base. Then, it moved into dog racing, which widened its appeal even more.


Betting in high street shops wasn’t legalised in the UK until 1961. However, once that market opened up, Ladbrokes was able to capitalise on its already existing customers. It opened a range of high-street shops and has continued to be one of the most popular high-street bookmakers in the UK. 


Ladbrokes was able to keep up with technological changes and has successfully capitalised on the move to online wagering. It launched its online bookmakers site in Australia in 2013 and rapidly became a betting industry leader. The site is well-known for offering excellent odds and a huge range of markets. 


Ladbrokes maximum payout limits are good when compared to many of its competitors. This gives punters looking to maximise their potential winnings a big advantage. Their winnings are capped at a higher level to make a greater return on the wagers.


In this Betsquare review, our experts will explain why maximum payouts are important. We’ll also compare Ladbrokes to other Australian sportsbooks to tell you how it stakes up. 

Understanding Maximum Payouts

Understanding the maximum payout a sportsbook will make is important because it can affect your betting strategy. Betting maximum payouts is the maximum amount a sportsbook will pay for a bet. This can vary for different sports and types of bets.


Sports betting limits, such as maximum payouts, must be understood because they can help you decide which bets to place and which sportsbook is best for you. 


The maximum payout means that a sportsbook effectively caps its payout, no matter what your actual bet could return. For example, you could place a parlay bet covering the whole AFL season, culminating in a prediction of the winner of the Granny (AFL Final). You can imagine that if such a bet came in, it could return a huge sum. However, the sportsbook may not pay the whole amount if it exceeds its maximum payout limit.


We looked at Ladbrokes betting rules to see if there is a maximum payout limit in Australia and how it works. We found that the limit is not the same for all sports. Read on to find out how it works for different sports at Ladbrokes.

Detailed Overview of Ladbrokes’ Maximum Payouts by Sport

Ladbrokes sports payouts are very competitive when compared to its nearest rivals. We looked closely at the maximum payout limits at Ladbrokes for various sports and compared them against two of the biggest online sportsbooks in Australia. 


When you think of sportsbooks, Bet365 is arguably the biggest one in the world. It offers a wide range of sports and is known for its excellent odds.


We also decided to compare Ladbrokes to Sportbet, another massively popular sportsbook in Australia. This company is homegrown, having started out as a small bookmaker in 1993 in Darwin. It has successfully brought sports betting to Aussie punters for over twenty years. 


First, we looked at the Australian Rules Football betting limits. Ladbrokes has a maximum payout of $500,000, which applies to all types of bets. 


Bet365 has different maximum payouts depending on the type of bet placed. The maximum payout for Outrights, Match Handicap, Match Totals, and Match Winner is $500,000. The limit for all other types of bets is $50,000.


When we investigated Sportbet’s maximum payouts, we found an impressive $1,000,000. 


Next, we turned our attention to the tennis payout limits, as Aussie punters often enjoy a little wager on a tennis match. Ladbrokes offers a maximum payout of $500,000 for these matches. Bet365’s limits vary from $500,000 to $50,000 depending on the type of match played. However, Sportbet has the same impressive maximum payout of $1,000,000.

Key Sports and Payout Limits

Now that we’ve examined the maximum payouts from our top three sportsbooks at a high level, it’s time to examine them in more depth. Not all sportsbooks offer different maximum payouts for sports or types of bets. So, it’s important to be aware of these and understand how they could impact your choice of sportsbook and the outcome of your bets. 


We don’t need to tell you that Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world, and the Premier League is considered the pinnacle of the sport. So, we decided to compare the Premier League maximum payout values for each of the three sportsbooks.


Ladbrokes sticks to its $500,000 limit. Sportbet also doesn’t change its limit, which remains at $1,000,000. However, bet365 really shakes things up by increasing its limit to a huge $4,000,000. This limit is also applied to several different soccer leagues, including the FA Cup, French Ligue 1, and the Italian Series A.


Another very popular sport in Australia is tennis. Many of us enjoy watching the matches, especially if an Aussie is playing. Grand Slam betting is a big market; many sportsbooks offer a good range of markets and odds. 


When we compared the maximum payout for Ladbrokes, Sportbet, and Bet365, we found that Ladbrokes and Sportbet didn’t change their limits. But Bet365 offers a range of limits, depending on the match. The men’s final has a limit of $1,000,000, but the women’s final has a limit of $500,000.


Horse racing payouts vary greatly at bet365. If you’re wagering on a race in the UK and Ireland when an industry SP is declared, the maximum payout is $2,000,000. It drops down to $500,000 for Overseas races where an industry SP is declared. For all other races, the maximum payout is $200,000.The Ladbrokes and Sportbet payouts remain the same at $500,000 and $1,000,000, respectively.

Strategies for Maximizing Winnings

As you can see, maximum payouts can vary widely. So, you should consider it when joining a sportsbook and setting up a bet. However, it’s also worth remembering that not many bets are ever likely to reach the high maximum payouts we’ve seen at the sportsbooks in this article. 


Betting strategies should take into account maximum payouts if you’re thinking of placing a bet or bets that could go over the limit. There have been legal cases where bettors have placed wagers that have run over whole seasons, leading to big potential wins, but the sportsbook has only paid out up to its limit.


Another situation that can occur is if you place multiple bets that have different maximum payouts applicable to them. Often, the sportsbook will apply the lowest maximum payout value. So, if you’re maximising betting winnings, it’s important to understand which limit will count.


One of our top sports betting tips is to research before you place a bet. We know you’ve heard this all before. But it’s not just vital to understand the sport you’re wagering on. It’s also crucial to understand the sportsbook you’re wagering at. 


You don’t always have to wager at the sportsbook with the highest maximum payout. However, you should consider the limit if you place a bet, which could result in a high payout.

Alternative Betting Options

Online bookmakers are constantly competing to attract and retain new customers, so they offer a wide variety of maximum payouts. There are so many sports and markets to wager on that it’s not impossible to make bets that can result in very large payouts. 


So, it’s worth looking at the Betsquare maximum payouts highlighted for our three sportsbooks above. For example, if you want to place a parlay bet on the Premier League season, it could be worth placing your bet with bet365, as its limit is $4,000,000. Whereas, if you placed the same bet with Ladbrokes, your maximum payout would only be $500,000. 


Of course, there are plenty of other excellent Aussie sportsbooks that you can check out as well, such as William Hill, Dabble, Tab, Neds and more. 


Placing bets at the sportsbooks that have the highest maximum payouts does make sense. However, you also need to take into consideration the odds and other terms and conditions that can be placed on a bet. So, it’s not just about the Betsquare payouts that we’ve discussed above.

Ladbrokes Betting Support and Safer Gambling

Ladbrokes is committed to creating a safe, secure, and responsible betting environment for its customers. It provides many options and tools for players who feel they need assistance with their gambling.


You can contact Ladbrokes customer support by phone, email, or live chat. Ladbrokes has a dedicated Safer Gambling Helpline that is available 24/7, and its live chat is always available.


You can visit the Entain Responsible Gambling website by clicking the ‘Responsible Gambling’ link in the footer. You’ll find a range of information and safer gambling tools on the site that can assist you if you have concerns about gambling.


We hope this article has highlighted the importance of understanding the maximum payouts applied to online betting. It can be disappointing that your expected big win is capped at a much lower level. So, to avoid disappointment, check these limits in your chosen sportsbook. 


Maximum payouts can vary significantly between sportsbooks and even between sports within one sportsbook. As you’ve seen, some sportsbooks, like Ladbrokes and Sportbet, keep their limits consistent across sports. However, others like bet365 vary theirs depending on the sport and the event.


This sports betting guide aims to give you some guidance on maximising payouts by explaining why you should take into account the limits placed on bets by sportsbooks. By following some of our betting tips, you can enhance your betting experience and hopefully increase your potential returns. 

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