Tabcorp Partners with OpenBet to Scale its Sports Betting Offering in Australia

Article by Simon Young
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Australia’s largest multichannel wagering brand, Tabcorp, has partnered with OpenBet to deliver scalable sports betting in digital and retail form. 

Tabcorp is Australia’s largest multichannel wagering brand, offering digital and retail betting options in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the ACT. 

OpenBet will integrate retail and online products to support Tabcorp’s Australian growth targets. This will include OpenBet’s pioneering fixed-odds betting platform and trading system.

One of the reasons Tabcorp chose OpenBet was the latter’s experience working in some of the world’s strictest regulatory markets. Equally, the product suite at OpenBet’s disposal is another key factor behind the partnership. 

David Beirne, General Manager of Trading at Tabcorp, explained: “The combined strengths of Tabcorp’s category expertise and internal capabilities and OpenBet’s advanced core creates a market-leading relationship that will lead to increased customer engagement, market share, and sustainable profitability.”

OpenBet’s Chief Commercial Officer, Cathryn Lai, added: “Being selected by Tabcorp to augment its user experience is an exciting move for us and further cements our position as a trusted provider of robust, hybrid products that drive growth.” 

Australia’s biggest gambling company 

Tabcorp is the biggest gambling company in Australia, employing more than 3,000 people. Trading as Tabcorp Holdings Limited, the company provides gambling and entertainment services across Australia from its Melbourne headquarters. 

The company operates three leading brands in Australia. The first is TAB, the company’s flagship gambling brand, offering a broad range of gambling experiences across digital channels and in retail stores in numerous states. 

Tabcorp also operates Sky Racing and Sky Sports Radio, which broadcast racing and sports programs internationally from Australia. 

The other big Tabcorp brand is MAX, Australia’s leading gaming services provider. MAX offers a complete gaming solution to venues in different Australian cities. 

Tabcorp’s decision to partner with OpenBet signifies the company’s desire to increase its brand operations in Australia and to provide more advanced gambling options online and in its numerous retail operations.

The end of a difficult period for Tabcorp? 

While the partnership with OpenBet is exciting, Tabcorp has recently been in the news for the wrong reasons. CEO Adam Rytenskild left the company in what has been dubbed the “Tabcorp Scandal” by the Australian media.  

Following Rytenskild’s departure, Tabcorp’s share price tumbled 3%, and media outlets suggested deeper cultural issues within the firm that extended beyond the CEO’s offensive and inappropriate language. 

Given Tabcorp’s prominence in the Australian market, executives hope to change the narrative. The partnership with OpenBet and the expansion of Tabcorp’s sports betting options could be the driving force the company needs.

Who is OpenBet? 

It’s easy to see why Tabcorp chose OpenBet to drive its Australian sports betting market growth. OpenBet has over 25 years of experience and is a global leader in sports betting entertainment. 

OpenBet is trusted by the world’s biggest sports betting brands, casinos, and lotteries. It provides B2B sports betting solutions to more than 100 global customers. 

OpenBet is a subsidiary of Endeavor, the company responsible for IMG Arena. In fact, at the start of 2024, Endeavor combined OpenBet and IMG Arena into a single brand, hoping that the merger would improve the company’s appeal to sports betting brands worldwide. 

IMG Arena is a data partner that helps sports leagues and governing bodies package their stats in a way that is presentable to sportsbooks. 

Together, OpenBet and IMG are formidable offers to sportsbooks; hence, Tabcorp decided to trust OpenBet with its Australian growth.

What can we expect from the partnership? 

The partnership between Tabcorp and OpenBet will help Tabcorp provide better gambling options to sports betting fans in Australia. 

This will include more data-driven markets and a comprehensive selection of betting options. Given OpenBet’s experience in this area, we might also see an addition to Tabcorp’s live stream offering. 

Live streaming is extremely popular in Australia. It enables punters to watch horse racing, AFL, cricket, and numerous other sports in real time while betting live. 

Given OpenBet’s industry expertise and Tabcorp’s success in the Australian market, we’re excited about this partnership and the opportunities it will present to Aussie punters. 

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