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Article by Andy Potts
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Simulated pokies, also known as fake pokies, are virtual slot machine games that simulate the experience of playing traditional pokies you’d expect to find in land-based establishments like casinos or pubs.


While these pokies work on the same principle as real money, the difference here is that you cannot win anything. While some may be entirely free, with some, you may have to purchase virtual credits with real money to play. 


Experts fear that Australians are investing billions of dollars into unregulated simulated casino games that can never pay off, leading to future gambling addictions. Currently, there are no laws about simulated gambling. An ongoing inquiry will decide whether to include them in the Australian Interactive Gambling Act that bans gambling online. 


Our article examines how simulated pokies work, their benefits versus pitfalls, and the rules and regulations surrounding them. If you want to learn more, we have all the details. 

What Do Simulated Pokies Mean? 

What are the main differences between simulated pokies and real ones? If you load up simulated pokies, they look the same, and the mechanics, RTP, and bonus features are also identical. The only massive difference is that you cannot win any money playing them.


With pokies in demo mode, you get a lump sum of fake cash to test it out when you load up one of the pokies. No money changes hands here; if your balance depletes, you can reload the pokie for more free credits.


There are dedicated apps and websites that let you play these pokies for free, and many real money casinos in Australia do, too, and with some, you don’t even require an account. 


What are fake pokies that cost money? The other popular way to play casino games, like fake pokies for free, is at Social Casinos like Wow Vegas. The site draws in new players by offering free Gold and Sweeps Coins, which work as virtual currency and let you play for free. You can play various social casino games, including pokies and table games, and some even offer live dealers. 


While they offer ways for players to earn free coins, they also offer ways to purchase them, which is where problems can arise. As you can see from the graphic above, you can buy up to $1,999.99 in coins, which is a massive amount. You cannot win; essentially, you are gambling with real money with no chance of winning. In some instances, prizes can be won, including various luxury items or events like concerts, hotel stays, and elegant dining experiences. 

Are Simulated Pokies Regulated by Law? 

So how is Australia regulated, and is there a simulated pokies law? Not yet, there isn’t. At the current time, there is a parliamentary inquiry into the gambling service provided by fake pokies. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2021, which has explicitly banned online gambling in Australia, had not considered simulated pokies previously but is now due to the problem gambling stemming from them. A definition concerning them will be added to the Act if deemed unsafe. 


The Labour MP Peta Murphy, who chairs the committee, has said that virtual gaming is a widespread problem. Therefore, the committee’s primary aim is to research and determine the harm caused by the industry.


One of the simulated pokies laws we can expect, which applies to Australian licensed gambling operators, is banners on the sites with “You lose more.” This helps players be aware of any pitfalls and aims to prevent them from spending without the possibility of any gains. 


Part of the inquiry’s role includes looking at how other countries have dealt with the matter and determined that it is indeed gambling. For example, countries like Belgium have defined any simulated pokies as gambling.


We have heard of Australian players who have spent thousands on Social Casino Sites, which has caused them financial hardship. Other concerns include the addictions to gambling they can cause, which in turn can cause players to lose a lot of money. 

Simulated Pokies – Pros and Cons 


Pros Cons
✅Wide variety of free games ❌No way to win money
✅Excellent way to try out new pokies ❌Potential for gambling addiction
✅No financial commitment is required ❌Easy to access 
✅Can register at social casinos with minimal details ❌Can end up being costly by purchasing coins


As you can see, fake pokies have an even mix of pros and cons. Many players use simulated pokies as entertainment and never have to make any deposits, nor will they lose money. However, others may have gambling tendencies, and fake pokies’ easy accessibility can cause responsible gambling problems. 


Other simulated pokies pros and cons include the fact that you can play many games for free and without spending anything. This applies especially when playing on social casino sites or for free in demo mode. You can play for free by collecting the site’s coins and rewards to keep a consistent balance without spending on purchases. 


The main negative here is that players cannot win any money. While social casinos may offer rewards such as events, free spins, or more coins, you cannot withdraw them, and the virtual currency is not deemed cash. 

The Bottom Line 

We believe that some regulations need to be in place regarding simulated pokies. While many players will use them for entertainment, unfortunately for others, it can cost them a lot of money. The allure of the reels spinning, the lights and sounds, bonus features, and wins, although not real money, can cause gambling-related problems.


If you have been considering using fake pokies, we recommend never depositing cash to play them. There are many social casino sites to play for free, and if you do run out of coins or virtual credits, join another rather than depositing to receive more. It is a complete waste of money with no returns possible.


We list our top ten safe online casinos in Australia if you want to play for real money winnings. You can claim welcome bonuses and have access to thousands of pokies and other types of casino games, all with the chance of winning real cash.


Finally, the main thing to factor into your gameplay is to keep you safe. Responsible gambling means always playing safely and within your means. Never gamble with any money you cannot afford to lose. Check out our minimum deposit casinos, which are perfect for anyone with smaller budgets, and they won’t break the bank. 

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