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Playing casino games on your phone can be fun, but have you ever experienced the excitement of a real-world casino?

At land-based casinos, you can enjoy the immersive experience of live gaming, with the additional bonuses of live music, good drinks, great food and a greater social atmosphere. Online casinos can never truly recreate the buzz of a physical casino table, which lets you feel all the pokies action right as it happens. 

So, where can you find such casinos in Cairns? The gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef also contains many high-end casinos, each packed to the brim with attractive games and entertainment. Confused about which casino is the best? We bring you a detailed guide to the best land-based casinos in Cairns so you can decide where to place your bets. 

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Best Land-Based Casinos in Adelaide

Casino Rating Games Bonuses
Pullman Reef Hotel Casino 5/5 Pokies, Table Games, Poker, Roulette Welcome Package
Dunwoody’s Tavern 4/5 Pokies, live sports betting Happy Hour specials
Brothers Leagues Club 4/5 Pokies, Table Games, sports betting Member Rewards
Cairns RSL Club 3/5 Pokies, Bingo, Keno Member dscounts
Cairns Cock & Bull 3/5 Pokies, Sports Betting, Live music Drink Specials

Cairns is one of the most diverse cities in Queensland, offering its visitors the majestic grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, along with a thriving and vibrant cultural scene. Its many charming hotels, both large and small, offer plenty of unique gambling experiences through a mix of machines and entertainment.

From cosy pubs and laidback sports clubs to high-end luxury hotels, a discerning patron can try their luck in a wide variety of joints with different ambiences. While slot machines, affectionately called ‘pokies’, remain popular, Cairns stands out from other Aussie cities for its well-balanced mix of family-friendly venues and glamorous locales.

For those who prefer the electric social ambience that only land-based casinos can provide, Cairns’ gambling landscape offers a wholesome gaming experience. The excellent establishments here are well-stocked with a range of games, including traditional favourites such as blackjack, roulette, and poker, alongside swanky electronic pokies. 

Both casual players and seasoned gamblers will enjoy this city’s warm hospitality that only amplifies the lively atmosphere that land-based casinos are known and loved for.

Besides their obvious appeal to high rollers, the casinos in Cairns are also all-in-one entertainment hubs, promising entertainment for all ages beyond the slots. From live music, raffles, dining options, and drinks to spas and swanky lodging, these casinos have it all — backed by friendly staff who wait on your every whim. Cairns has plenty to show for anyone looking to roll the dice and let loose.

Aside from providing entertainment value to patrons, Cairns’ gambling industry contributes to the local economy, too. Revenue generated from this industry has boosted local resources, helping create new jobs and inviting tourism to the city. Casinos in Cairns not only offer an avenue for leisure for tourists passing through but also help its community showcase their unique culture and community through lively entertainment and art.

Set against a stunning natural backdrop and overlooking a gorgeous blue sea, Cairns’ geographical beauty only adds to the experience of those seeking their luck at land-based casinos. A holiday in Cairns is considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so adventurers should make the most of their luck by playing their best hand — literally — at any of the warm and welcoming land-based casinos in Cairns.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

Pullman reef casino hotel

Perched by Trinity Inlet and the Cruise Liner Terminal, the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino is a luxurious 5-star land-based casino. Thanks to its prime location, it enjoys easy access to most major attractions in and around Cairns, earning it the top spot on our list. 

Its elegant ambience is complemented by a stunning view overlooking the ocean and harbour. What’s more, it boasts plenty of award-winning fine dining options, stylish bars, and a 24/7 casino with a wide range of gaming options, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. 

Since it has partnered with top game providers, Pullman Reef guarantees high-quality gameplay. As a patron, you take advantage of the fabulous benefits on offer and get exclusive deals for being a member of Reef Rewards or even every time you play any of the gaming machines. Bonus points may be redeemed for cash anytime, earning you a complimentary parking voucher and much more. 

Beyond gaming, you can indulge in their stunning accommodations, spa services, and exciting live music. For VIPs, personalised services and rewards provide a touch of luxury. Pullman Reef Hotel Casino stands as a beacon of high-rolling excitement in Cairns.

Dunwoody’s Tavern

dunwoods tavern

‘A true-blue Cairns local’, Dunwoody’s Tavern is a beloved community haunt in Cairns. Don’t let that fool you — this cosy pub will serve you delicious beer while you gamble to your heart’s content. Though not as glitzy as its more luxurious counterparts, Dunwoody’s charm ensures a memorable gaming experience for any eager patron. 

Its convenient location on Sheridan Street provides an easily accessible space, though its true accessibility comes from its welcoming ambience —  making it a perfect spot for players with families in tow, as well as patrons looking for a non-judgemental, laidback space.

Well-stocked with traditional and contemporary games from recognisable brands, the casino’s offerings prove attractive and worth a visit. The tavern also rewards loyal patrons with special discounts and offers through its app called The Pass, on which you can earn and redeem points with every F&B order.

For those looking for the social highs of land-based casinos with the peace of online gaming, Dunwoody’s is the perfect choice. It has a balanced mix of both these pros — making it one of Cairns’ most popular casinos.

Brothers Leagues Club

brothers leagues club

A not-for-profit club that has been a mainstay of Cairns since 1974, Brothers Leagues Club is a beloved joint serving up a unique gaming experience with a side of charming hospitality. Whether you prefer traditional pokies and table games or you like to take risks with sports betting, Brothers probably has something in store for you. Great jackpots await you on every one of its 184 pokies. 

In addition to slots, you can partake in TAB, keno, bingo, raffles and live entertainment. Brothers Leagues Club rewards you with more than just payouts —  with generous promotions coming in almost daily. Through its Star Rewards Loyalty Program, you can unlock a world of rewards, including discounts and gifts. 

As opposed to the more detached luxury of 5-star joints, Brothers —  true to its name- is powered by a sense of communal fellowship, which extends to both its regulars and new visitors. Here, you can soak in the joy of winning not just at the table but also with your tablemates.

Cairns RSL Club

cairns rsl club

With its enviable location on the stunning Cairns Esplanade, the Cairns RSL Club stands as the preferred choice for its friendly local patrons while also welcoming tourists. 

Since it prides itself on being a friendly neighbourhood sports club, it does not contain any of the flamboyance of larger casinos. Rather, it offers its patrons the easy-going and casual atmosphere that only comes with a family-friendly venue. 

Here, you can munch on the tastiest of food and sip on the choicest of drinks while enjoying thrilling pokies, competitive bingo, and entertaining keno. 

While members enjoy special discounts, visitors who stop by can also partake in special promotions and themed nights. Their live events are one of their key specialties. Conscious visitors will also be heartened to know that the club is committed to its support of local initiatives and veterans’ causes, making it a valued and respected institution within the community. 

Cairns Cock & Bull

cairns cock and bull

With its cheeky name and gorgeous location already making it memorable to begin with, Cairns Cock & Bull is a great space for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy a good gaming experience. 

Beyond its many machines — old and new alike, this lively space also features electric live performances and a delicious selection of food, catering to every unique need. The personalised service rounds off its signature touch, ensuring an experience that one can only enjoy at a physical, land-based casino such as this. 

What’s NOT “Cock & Bull” about this joint are its rewards: patrons are spoiled silly with drink specials, loyalty points, and even occasional giveaways. One can kick back and relax as you try your luck at their tables, enjoying the bonhomie of the space in a more casual, low-stakes setting. 

Final Thoughts

The natural delights of Cairns aren’t the only attractions the city has to offer. Its entertainment hubs and land-based casinos pack a punch with exciting experiences, served with charming hospitality. 

Whether you prefer the luxury of the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino or the cosy charm of Dunwoody’s Tavern, whether you buy into Cairns Cock & Bull or roll the dice with fellows at the Brothers League, there’s something for everyone at every casino in Cairns. Refine your pokies strategies and enjoy the highly charged tables, or simply indulge in some good old-fashioned betting. 

Cairns’ casinos have it all and then some, with plenty of warmth to top it all off. While you’re at it, extend your luck with fancy accommodations, fancier dining options, and the fanciest entertainment that Queensland has to offer. Roll the dice, and you’ll see… Cairns’ thrills go beyond its gorgeous blue sea. 

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