Football Transfer Betting: How to Bet on Transfers

Article by Lisa Cheban
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When the transfer market opens, it’s an exciting time in football. Clubs can agree on fees with other clubs to move players to refresh and improve their squads. 


Before these moves happen, you might have a prediction about where a particular player will end up, and you won’t be the only one.


As an experienced reviewer of sports bookmakers and everything related to that industry, Betsquare wants to provide you with our guide to football transfer betting so you can become more familiar with how people bet on football transfers and the tell-tale signs of an upcoming transfer. 


Read on to discover how you can become involved with this fascinating period of the football calendar.

Overview of Football Transfer Betting

A football transfer betting guide is handy when the rumour mill heats up. Many outcomes could occur, and you should be aware of them, hence why we’re offering our guide, which will hopefully explain transfer betting. 


The types of football bets can vary; aside from online bookmaker specials that you’ll see concerning a particular player in focus, a common market would usually include who’ll be their next permanent club. 


If you have the option to do so, you can bet on a particular player not agreeing to a deal with any new club, meaning they’ll either stay put or become a free agent. The wording of the bet might state that a player must sign for a club by a specific date to be classed as a winning bet.


Assess the odds you’re given after carefully reading the wording of the bet before placing your stake. The money will only be sent to your account if the player signs a contract with the new club—it doesn’t mean they need to appear on the field for said club. 

Where to Place Football Transfer Bets

There are plenty of platforms regarding where to bet on football transfers. No matter what player is the focus of your bet, you’ll be able to access various markets relating to many individuals.


When you choose your bookmaker through Betsquare, you can rest assured that the platform has been scrutinised and thoroughly assessed to ensure it’s a worthwhile betting site. This is crucial as you look to place your bet because you want to get the best odds around and not have to worry about confusing terms.


Let’s explore where to bet on football transfers. Here are a few of the best transfer betting sites with various markets: 


  • WallaceBet


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  • BetsAmigo

A strong platform for football betting


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  • Zotabet

There are lots of odds on player and manager moves.


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How to Place Football Transfer Bets

The transfer window doesn’t need to be open to place your bets on where the game’s biggest stars will go. Now that you know what transfers will likely happen, it’s time to place that bet. 

Where do you find the market you’re looking for, and how easy is placing transfer bets? Each website might lay out its transfer markets slightly differently, but let’s look at the steps you should take to approach this type of betting.

Step-by-Step Guide to Betting

  1. Research: Research the transfer situation of the player you feel might be moving clubs to understand ongoings better.
  2. Sign in: Log in to your account and ensure you have enough money deposited, considering your desired stake.
  3. Search: Head to the ‘football’ section of the online bookmaker. A ‘specials’ or football transfers’ page should include transfer betting options within this section. If you can’t find this here, a website’s overall ‘specials’ section might list the markets here instead.
  4. Check the terms: Find the bet you’re looking for, read through its wording, and assess the odds to decide whether it represents good value.
  5. Place your bet: Enter your stake and finalise your bet. Then, wait to see if the bet is successful.


Following these simple steps will help you learn how to bet on football transfers. Lower-league players are unlikely to have betting markets because there is probably less collective knowledge about them, so you might find that only the biggest players can be the subject of an online bet.

Key Football Transfer Markets

It’s crucial to assess the wording and terms of the bet to understand fully what happens when a player moves to a different club. 


Other transfer betting options exist, like sports bookmakers offering the next permanent manager odds. Football transfer markets cover many betting options, so here are examples of what to expect.

Examples of Transfer Bets

Player A to sign for Club A by September 1st, 2024

If somebody plays for Club A but you predict they’ll move to Club B, you’ll be given odds of them completing the move permanently by a specific date. This type of bet usually involves something other than a loan move.

Example: Alexander Isak to sign for Arsenal by September 1st, 2024 

Next Permanent Club for Player A

This is slightly more open than the previous bet because it doesn’t need to happen by a specific date but would need to be the player’s next permanent club regardless of when that happens.

Example: Kylian Mbappe’s next permanent club to be Real Madrid 

Next Permanent Manager for Club A

Remember that interim managers will usually be excluded from this type of bet. However, if a contract is signed as a team’s permanent boss, your bet would apply if those are the terms you’ve bet on.

Example: Arne Slot to be the next permanent manager at Liverpool 

Will Player A leave Club A during this transfer window?

You won’t need to specify who the player is joining but rather whether a player will remain contracted by Club A beyond the end of the current transfer window. Check whether loan moves apply and if a bookmaker accepts them as a Club A player despite representing another team.

Example: Will Bruno Fernandes leave Manchester United during the summer transfer window? 

Tips and Strategies for Successful Transfer Betting 

Is there a formula for betting on football transfers? No bet is a certainty, but there are betting tips that you should consider to increase your winning chances. Our football transfer betting guide has some ideas to consider when placing a bet: 

Check Your Sources

It can be challenging to ascertain what online content is accurate. Check the source of your information when developing transfer betting strategies. Refrain from assuming that a nameless social media account will have precise information about a star player. 


Instead, ensure that what you’re reading is verified, has a record of correct information, and isn’t just pumping out “click bait” material. Reputable journalists tend to have the best insight regarding transfers, and their views should be held in higher regard than those who spuriously claim to be “in the know”.

Analysing Rumours and Player Behaviour

What does it mean if a player has a confrontation with their manager? It could be a display of desire that both are desperate to win. However, it could run more profoundly than this and indicate problems. 


This could signify that the player’s days at the club are numbered. Again, we encourage you to investigate what’s happening through the proper channels so you can make a thorough assessment before jumping on any bandwagon.

Choose Worthwhile Odds

While 1/20 odds suggest that a player joining a club is very likely, it’s hardly worth punting on. Placing a $200 bet will only give you a $10 profit. 


Conversely,100/1 odds might seem tempting, but the chances of this happening are doubtful – this isn’t a strong strategy in the long run. If the information you’ve seen is credible and the odds appear worthwhile, it could be worth placing your stake, but you should conduct a cost-benefit analysis in your mind.

Monitoring Transfer News and Reliable Sources

Transfer information is available via websites, TV, radio, newspapers, social media, podcasts, and word of mouth. Picking out facts from fiction can seem challenging, so bear the following in mind as you prepare your transfer bets:

Trusted Transfer News Sources

The chances are that most programmes on TV dedicated to football transfers or sports news will provide insight into club background events. Therefore, if they specify that any segment they present is a gossip section, they can be deemed more reliable than many.


However, some people trust certain radio stations or podcasts over others because of their track record. While verification on social media is less strict now than before, it’s essential to know the reputation of online accounts and whether their posts can be trusted, like whether a reputable newspaper employs them.


Take anything you hear by word of mouth with a pinch of salt until you’ve checked it via more robust transfer rumour sources. A website might be designed to attract your attention for clicks, but you can usually spot whether this is the case within the first couple of paragraphs.


The following journalists have a great track record as far as football transfers are concerned:



You can also check out the following outlets if you want a broader idea of which transfers are likely to play out: 



The transfer window can be chaotic but undoubtedly fascinating, exciting fans across the globe. As our football transfer betting guide has explained, these types of bets are straightforward enough as long as you’ve found a solid sports bookmaker and understand what sources to trust.


Our Betsquare transfer betting summary reminds you to check where you’re getting your information and assess whether the odds you’re receiving are worthwhile. Throughout the season, monitor players’ mannerisms and attitude to determine whether they’re committed to the cause or searching for the exit door.


Sign up for any of our recommended bookmakers – including WallaceBet, BetsAmigo, and ZotaBet – and bet on football transfers right now! 

Sidebar/Box-Out: Quick Reference Guide

This Betsquare quick transfer betting guide summarises the most prominent transfer bets the majority of sports bookmakers will offer:


  • Player A to sign for Club A by DD/MM/YY
  • Player A to leave Club A by DD/MM/YY
  • Next Permanent Club for Player A
  • Next Permanent Manager for Club A


Sports Bookmaker Rating ⭐️ Withdrawal Processing Time Football Betting Signup Link
WallaceBet 4.9/5.0 Instant (Bank transfers take longer)
BetsAmigo 5.0/5.0 Instant (Bank transfers take longer)
Zotabet 4.9/5.0 Instant (Bank transfers take longer)

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