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Lisa Cheban  |  May 17, 2022  | Updated on: September 15,  2023

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The Australian online casino scene is booming. It has already been popular for quite a while, but the outbreak of eGaming platforms catering specifically to those living in the Land Down Under. Golden Pokies is one of such platforms, but is it really worth your time and money?

This is the primary question that we set out to answer in our comprehensive review of Golden Pokies. When you’re done reading it, you’ll have a much better understanding of how this particular casino operates, what games you can play there, as well as the payment methods and security protocols it currently works with

Golden Pokies Casino Overview

Golden Pokies was established in 2020 and managed to generate quite a lot of interest right around the time of its release. This is probably because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic and people looking for ways to relax and unwind while stuck at home all day. The same can actually be said about the entire online gambling industry – pokies and live casino games were one of the favourite pastimes during that time, both in Australia and around the world.

Owned and operated by GoldenPokies Inc., this casino is the company’s first foray into the world of hosting online gambling platforms. From the get-go, it opened up with a decent selection of games, and has taken steps to expand that library in the future. All in all, Golden Pokies makes a good first impression, which is, unfortunately, one of the few good things that can be said about it.

Interface and User Experience

Golden Pokies Casino Interface

Golden Pokies’ interface is very basic, but it gets the job done. Big, readable tiles that depict the games make navigating around the site smooth and intuitive. There are tabs for each main casino category, as well as separate sections that allow you to take a look at the loyalty rewards you’re eligible for, sign up for the VIP club, or check out the currently available promotions.

The most baffling thing about the Golden Pokies interface is the fact that it has no search bar. As a platform that hosts hundreds of slots and other games, you’d think that the developers would consider a search bar to be a necessary feature to include on the site, right? The fact that it’s missing is the very first among the many red flags of Golden Pokies, and unfortunately, it’s the least troublesome one.

Missing search bars aside, the Golden Pokies casino developers have created a simple, usable user interface that allows players to get around the site without too many difficulties. If you run into any trouble, the “help” section will probably have the answers you’re looking for.

Golden Pokies Casino Games

With hundreds of games at your disposal, the library of games available at Golden Pokies is definitely not a slim one. However, you should keep in mind that these are not the most popular titles you may know from other casinos. Despite having licenses for games developed by 13 providers, the most popular company on that list is Betsoft, meaning that you won’t find games like Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Moolah, or Starburst over there.

Slot Games

If you’re a total online casino rookie, you are likely to consider the line-up of slots at the Golden Pokies casino to be your bang-average set of games that can also be found at other, more popular casinos. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. Most titles found here are knock-offs of popular games, and eGaming veterans will notice the absence of developers such as Microgaming or NetEnt right away.

This is not to say that you can’t have fun playing at Golden Pokies. Most of the slots available there are completely functional on both PCs and mobile devices and offer pretty much the same experience as their famous counterparts. They may not be the most polished of games, but some of them are truly a blast to play, especially if you’re a new player.

Table Games

Golden Pokies also boasts a pretty wide offer of table games, such as poker, baccarat, or blackjack. Aside from card games, you’ll also be able to access the standard casino fare of roulette or craps. Quite frankly, the table games line-up of Golden Pokies is the best reason to give this online casino a shot. Due to the low server demands of these programs, these titles run very smoothly with little to no loading times.

Live Casino

If you long for the feeling of a brick-and-mortar casino but can’t head out and visit one, the live casino section of Golden Pokies has got you covered. The library is pretty limited because of the providers that this casino has struck deals with, but you can still access and enjoy live dealer Texas Hold ‘Em, blackjack, or a few different kinds of roulette.

Since these are not games developed by the live dealer industry titans such as Evolution Gaming or NetEnt, you may sometimes struggle to find enough players to get a game going. From the technical standpoint, though, the Golden Pokies servers handle live streaming very well, and you’re not likely to run into any transmission hiccups.

Golden Pokies Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Golden Pokies Casino Bonuses

While there are quite a few bonus offers (especially for new players), Golden Pokies lags far behind other online casinos available in Australia when it comes to enticing newcomers and veterans with freebies or deposit deals.

For registration alone, new users are entitled to 25 free spins on any slot of their choosing. With your first deposit, Golden Pokies will 100% match the sum you send them up to A$1000 and give you 50 more free spins to boot. Not bad for such a young casino, but if it’s welcome bonuses you’re after, other platforms can give you as much as A$2000 of extra funds to spend on your favourite games.

Payment Methods

The Golden Pokies casino is a very crypto-friendly platform, as it accepts a handful of cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. Aside from blockchain-based methods, you can also use credit cards and a few digital wallets. You’ll find the full list of accepted payment methods below:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • Neosurf,
  • Revolut,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Litecoin,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Dogecoin,
  • NEO,
  • Ethereum,
  • USD Coin,
  • Augur,
  • Tether,
  • Cardano,
  • Dai,
  • Tron.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing at Golden Pokis is relatively hassle-free, and you’re likely to see your casino balance topped up within 24 hours, regardless of the payment method you end up using. The problems start during the withdrawal process.

If you take a look at user reviews and comments on most industry websites, you’ll find thousands (if not hundreds) of complaints about this platform withholding players’ funds when they try to withdraw their winnings. People report the website simply ignoring their withdrawal requests and then requesting a myriad of documents certifying the legitimacy of their accounts or cryptocurrency wallets. Some users who actually went through all the trouble of procuring that documentation have reported receiving much less money than they were due, with some claiming that they are still awaiting the transfer.

They also have a dormant account policy which entitles Golden Pokies to shut down all accounts that have not been active for more than 6 months.

Safety and Licensing

The Golden Pokies casino is not licensed by any of the eGaming institutions with a firm and established reputation. Simply put, if you deposit any funds there, you’re doing so at your own risk.

Pros and Cons

Golden Pokies Casino Pros & Cons

Final Thoughts

The Golden Pokies casino is not a trustworthy platform. Out of care for our readers’ time and money, we will not sugarcoat it: regardless of your experience level or preferred game type, you should not open up an account with them. By doing so, you’re risking losing all of the hard-earned money you’ve deposited. This is the type of experience that may deter beginners from trying out eGaming ever again, which is a shame, as there are many reputable online casinos that you can have great fun with. Regrettably, the Golden Pokies casino is not one of them.

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Withdrawals are never easy, waiting for a payment currently from.2 weeks ago. Prior to this the wins were always a breach of some sort and they’ve chat feature is hardly ever available and emails are usually not responded to. I would not recommend using this site or any of the sister sites which include house of pokies and pokiez plus many more.

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How can I protect myself from getting scammed?

Quite frankly, the best way to avoid dodgy casinos is to never play on an unlicensed platform. Institutions like the Malta Gaming Authority or the Curacao Gaming Licence exist to protect players from unfair practices by vetting online casinos and certifying their legitimacy, as well as trustworthiness.

Online review sites such as ours are another good way to educate yourself about the various online casino platforms and their reputation. Other than staying informed, you should also know how to protect your payment and personal details.

Is there a way to play slots for free?

Yes, and we actually recommend doing so a few times before you put your hard-earned dollars into a game you never played before. By trying out a game in the demo mode, you’ll learn its mechanics and get a feel of whether or not this is a title you see yourself spending hours in.

What are the most beginner-friendly casino games?

There is no right answer to that. Most slots are simple enough to pick up and play, but they can differ in the various bonus schemes, paylines, and jackpot mechanics. If you’re a complete eGaming rookie, you might want to try playing something you’re already familiar with, for example, online versions of card games like poker or blackjack.

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