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Article by Simon Day
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Gambling tips can be helpful on your next casino trip or when you play online. If you’re a beginner to gambling, then winning money is not as easy as some may make out. Therefore, you can incorporate various casino tips to give you a better chance of how to win at the casino.

Casinos profit from new players who make common and avoidable mistakes. Besides that, the house edge means the casino always comes out on top. How do we get around that? We have our top ten tips that we use ourselves whenever we hit a casino, some for land-based and online, and some for online games only.

You can use our tips across all types of casino games, whether you prefer pokies, table game options or live dealer action. Incorporate them into your gameplay to maximise your winning chances. 


How to Win at the Casino: 10 Must-Know Casino Tips

You can use our ten handy casino tips and tricks for a successful gaming experience. Primarily centred around astute money management, they aim to build your profitability. Remember, the key to gambling success is avoiding recklessness. While the allure of big wins may be tempting, staying mindful of your bankroll and personal limits is paramount. 

Follow our handy tips, which will show you some basic principles of gambling and some of our top tips for games from craps to baccarat. You can then tailor your focus to the casino games you frequent the most for an optimised gaming strategy.


1. Set a Budget Ahead of the Game

Our top gambling tip when playing at Australian casinos is to manage your budget. It is the single most crucial strategy to use when playing casino games. Before you start any gambling session, set your budget. It must be an amount of money you can afford to lose, as there is no guarantee you will have a winning session. 

Do not ever chase your losses, and always stick to your budget. It is essential to remember that the odds when gambling are not stacked in your favour. Walking away is the only thing to do if you have had a loss. Do not redeposit; return fresh for your next playing session when your bankroll allows. 

Responsible gambling is at the heart of this tip of ours. It is about finding the happy medium where you can gamble for fun without causing distress. Suppose you enter a game without a predetermined budget. In that case, the thrill of the game may cause you to chase any losses, but using your ideal limit will ensure you stop at the right time. 

Keep track of your monthly gambling spending; seeing it on paper can give you handy snapshots of your gambling outgoings versus any incoming winnings. It will provide you with the confidence to know when it is time to step away. Set aside a monthly or weekly amount as your gambling budget, depending on your pay schedule, and stick to it. 

So, before you hit the tables or spin those reels, take a moment to sort your budget. It will make your gambling experience a whole lot more enjoyable and worry-free. After all, the goal is to have fun while staying responsible.


2. Make Smaller Wagers

While there are no tricks to winning at the casino, making smaller wagers extends your time. If you go big on your bets, the chances are high that you will quickly lose your money and have to end your session. Many players believe luck will be on their side if they go big. It is a terrible idea as it can quickly go the wrong way.

Some games may require you to bet more, for example, the Jackpot Giant progressive jackpot pokie. You have to wager AU$4 on a spin to activate the jackpot feature to have a chance at the jackpot prize. Although it does have lower wagers, they won’t count towards the jackpot element of the game. Besides such instances, there is no other reason to bet more to win more. 

Your chances of winning won’t differ or increase your odds whether you stake AU$1 or AU$100. However, with such big wagers and a few losing spins, you can deplete your budget very quickly, whereas, with AU$1 spins, you can complete many more spins with a longer playing time. 

If the payouts are the same proportionally, whatever the bet size, it’s best to stick to lower wagers as you increase your losses with more significant stakes.

Let’s say you win AU$200 on an AU$ wager, but if playing at AU$5, the payout would be AU$1,000. Do not presume that the larger wager would have resulted in that win. Rather, concentrate on wagering to suit your bankroll and the fact that it may take many spins, throwing of the dice, or dealing of cards to hit any significant win. 


3. Play Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge.

Another of our gambling tips is choosing a casing game with the lowest house edge, which can increase your winning chances. Every casino game has a different house edge, the expected amount the casino will receive over time when you play the game. The RTP is the predicted amount returned to you versus the casino’s house edge. 

Every casino game has a house edge, from pokies to live dealer and table games. Let us look at the examples below where you can see the house edge versus the RTP.

Casino Game RTP House Edge
Slots 96% 4%
Baccarat 98.94% 1.06%
Blackjack 98% 2%
Poker 96.63% 3.37%
American Roulette 94.74% 5.26%

These rates vary between the different variations of each game. Still, we included the average, which shows how drastically they can vary. For example, in baccarat, the house edge is 1.06% on the banker bet but increases to 1.24% on the player bet. 

We have included the industry average RTP of 96% with casino slots. However, these can vary significantly with some much lower ones, such as progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah, which has an RTP of only 88.12%. Others have much higher RTP rates, like Bloodsuckers at 98% RTP with only a 2% house edge.

Understanding how the RTP (Return to Player) and house edge can vary and choosing games with higher RTP rates will increase your winning chances over the long run. Many games advertise the RTP rate under the info button. If you can’t find it, there is a quick Google search of the game name, and RTP will let you know what they are. 


4. Favour Shorter Odds Over Longer Odds

If you want to know how to win money in a casino, while there are no definite tricks, one of our tips is to always go for shorter odds over longer ones when playing any casino games. While shorter odds will pay frequently, most payouts won’t be massive. You will find payouts landing similar to your wager, with perhaps many more minor wins against a few more significant wins. 

The rationale behind our advice works on the concept of risk management. Playing with shorter odds will increase your chances of winning but with smaller payouts. While more seasoned players may look for longer odds to increase their winning potential, shorter odds contribute to a more sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience. 

Using shorter odds is perfect for beginners to casinos and will help you build your confidence and a better understanding of playing across the various casino game options. If you are a beginner, your primary focus must be on creating not only a positive experience before playing with longer odds but also a safe one. 

Another benefit of shorter odds is that it encourages responsible gambling principles, unlike high-stakes bets that can lead to substantial losses. New players must first get to grips with all the differences in casino games. 

It is an excellent strategy for beginners, as it encourages more frequent wins, although they are smaller. It helps you avoid the pitfalls associated with longer odds and riskier gambling. Remember that smaller wins lead to longer-lasting playing time and enjoyment.

5. Choose Outside Bets in Roulette

Roulette table and betting options

Roulette is one of the top table games and is full of allure. However, picking the winning number that will land in the pocket after the wheel spins may seem an elusive pursuit with much more than a bit of luck required. If you are looking for a gambling tip, we suggest placing your bets on the outside rather than inside bets. 

Outside bets provide lower odds but a broader range of winning potential. For example, placing your bets on red or black, high or low numbers or odds and evens gives you a nearly 50-50 chance of success and more consistent wins (nearly 50-50 as all bets are lost if the ball lands on zero). The odds for a single number win is 35 to 1, so you have increased your odds but with fewer winning chances. 

There are 36 numbered pockets and a zero in European roulette tables, meaning you have a one in 37 chance. American roulette includes an extra zero pocket, so although the payouts are the same, you have only a one in 38 chance, effectively reducing your odds. 

The odds are stacked against you with single numbers, even though the payouts are more extensive. Outside bets offer more frequent wins, leading to continued enjoyment and longer playing times within your budget. Never believe that any casino games are in your favour. Online Casinos are businesses, and they will entice you to continue gambling so they can make money. Always stay one step by using our practical solutions. 

Next time you play roulette, consider placing outside bets – a pathway to a more accessible and enjoyable experience. Set a budget and never exceed it, and remember to keep a cool head and stay focused. 


6. Use a Blackjack Strategy Cheat Card

A blackjack cheat sheet is ideal for beginners who still need to learn the rules and various strategies. There’s nothing shameful in using a cheat sheet to get a grip on the rules; it can help you make better decisions at the table.

Using the correct blackjack strategy can help lower the house edge and even reduce the casino house edge to 0.50%. It already has one of the lowest house edges out of the casino tables. It provides you with various scenarios and what to do in each instance. The cheat sheet casino tips work off the premise of your dealt card, the dealer’s upturned card. 

You can print it off or download it on your screen with various options for playing in multiple scenarios. A few of our top blackjack casino tips include:

  • Stand on 17+ – Always stand on a hard 17 or higher. If the dealer has a ten or Ace, it is still better to stand, considering the few cards available to get you the magic number 21. 
  • Double Down on 11 – A hard 11 compromises your first two dealt cards and one of the top starting hands by doubling down to maximise winning hands over the long term. 
  • Split 8s and Aces – Always split these hands even though it costs an extra wager regardless of the dealer’s hand. 
  • Never Split 10s – Never split two 10s. It is an ideal hand with a strong chance of a win.

These are just a few casino tips when playing blackjack to help you strategise to get the most out of your game plan. 


7. Practice with Free Games Before Betting Real Money

One of our best casino tips and tricks is to try the games for free. Many Aussie casino sites don’t only have the games in real money mode but also in the demo mode version. While you cannot use the demo mode for live dealer games, you can do so on pokies and RNG table games. 

When you hover over one of the games, you will have two options: one is to play for real money, and the other button you can click is to play for free or in demo mode. Many beginners are unaware of this casino feature. It allows you to practice and learn the game risk-free before joining a live dealer table or switching to real money play. 

When you load up the game, be it a pokie, blackjack, or roulette game, you will have the same layouts, betting range and any in-game features like on the pokies, which have free spins and other bonus features.

The casino will load it up with fake cash, similar to Monopoly money. You cannot win anything but will have the same experience in every other aspect. It also helps teach you how to maintain effective money management when you test it out. Play with a wager similar to if you were playing for real to understand the frequency of payouts and whether they are small or more significant wins. 


8. Stick to Pass or Don’t Pass in Craps

When playing craps, the most basic bet on offer is the Pass Line bet. When you place your pass line bet, you bet with the dice. You bet that a 7 or an 11 will be the first rolled number, also known as the “come out” roll. If you trigger this, you will double your stake. If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 gets rolled, it establishes the “point.” 

If a point is set, you will want that number to roll again before another 7 where the shooter will shout out “Sevens up.” However, you will double your wager if the shooter rolls the point before they roll a 7. If the number on the roll is 2, 3 and 12, it is called Craps, and you lose. If, however, after the point has been laid out, a 7 gets rolled before the point number, you will also lose. 

While a pass line bet is where you bet with the dice, a Don’t Pass bet is where you bet against it. The Don’t Pass bet is directly opposite to the Pass Line bet. Here, you don’t want a 7 or 11; instead, you hope for a 2, 3 or a 12, which you lose in Pass Line betting, but you win in Don’t Pass bets. When a point is established, rather than hoping that the point number will roll again before the 7 appears, you hope it won’t roll again before the 7 appears. If the number 7 appears first, you win.

You can try this out in demo mode, as it is slightly more complicated than roulette or blackjack and use our gambling tip options above to test it out. 


9. Bet on the Banker in Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most uncomplicated card games you can play, as you can place only three bets. It makes it one of the easiest card games to learn that also moves fast with a quick pace between hands. 

When playing a round of baccarat, you must place your bets before the dealer. The three betting options are in favour of the Player, in favour of the Banker or a Tie bet. Essentially, you are betting on whether the player or banker has the better hand. Let us look at examples of the odds and house edge in our table below:

Banker Player Tie
House Edge 1.06% 1.24% 14.36%
Odds 45.86% 44.62% 9.52%
Payout Rate 0.95:1 1:1 8:1

As you can see, the Banker bet has the lowest house edge, making it the more profitable outcome for you over the longer term. The Tie bet, although offering higher payouts, has a much higher house edge and, therefore, one to stay away from.

Opting in for the Banker bets is a casino tip strategy whereby you essentially play the higher odds. Focusing on the Banker bet provides a more favourable risk-reward balance.

Remember that the Banker bet isn’t just a safe choice; it’s a calculated move that aligns with the numbers. So, next time you’re at the baccarat table, let the odds guide you towards the Banker bet. It is a more savvy decision, the lowest house edge, and over time, more profitable.

10. Read Through the Rules and Fine Print

Pay table of 9 Pots of Gold pokie

One essential casino tip we can give you is always read through the game rules and fine print to understand exactly how it works and pays. It offers up all sorts of valuable information and is an opportunity to study the pay table and the game rules.

For example, suppose you have decided to play on one of the casino pokies. In that case, they all have different features, wager levels and the number of paylines. When you load up the game, there is an info button customarily located at the bottom of the reels but sometimes found at the top. If you click on it, you can see the pay table, the RTP, the minimum and maximum wagers and ways to trigger any bonus features. 

It may not seem clear if you are new to pokies. Still, once you have played a few and understand how the reels, rows and paylines generate wins, they only take less than a minute to read. 

The same applies to any of the RNG table games. If you have chosen to play blackjack, the basic rules will be the same for each game variation, but many will have minor differences. It is good to know and understand them before playing. 

If you have chosen to join an online casino and claim one of the bonuses, do not skip this step. There are typically game restrictions, maximum bet limits and more terms to consider. Suppose you break casino terms when playing with bonuses. In that instance, the casinos are within their rights to confiscate any winnings, a common mistake many new players make. 

So, before rolling the dice or placing your next bet, read the fine print for a successful entertainment experience. 


How to Win at the Casino

If you have been wondering how to win money in casino games, our above tips will help you master your game plan. The most important step you can take is to ensure you practice responsible gambling, whether as a beginner or a seasoned player.

Our casino tips have basic rules. It is about following the maths and keeping it simple. Download cheat sheets and read some of our blog posts with a more in-depth reading of each game on our blog here.

The purpose of playing casino games with our straightforward and organised approach isn’t just to play but ultimately to improve your casino skills and maintain responsible gambling practices. 

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