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Article by Simon Young
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Casino loyalty programs are highly attractive to many players. They offer exciting freebies, exclusive perks, and ongoing promotions to help you get value for money while playing slots, table games, and other online casino titles. 

However, to join these programs, you often need to bet big amounts while playing online, meaning they’re not necessarily accessible to low-budget players. They can also encourage irresponsible gambling if you’re not mindful of your bankroll. 

Join us as we examine how loyalty clubs work, how to join them, and what you need to consider before accessing them at the best online casinos in Australia.

How Casino Loyalty Programs Work 

All casino loyalty programs work slightly differently, but they’re set up to reward players who spend money over time at online casinos. 

The premise is simple enough to understand. For every dollar you spend at an online casino with a loyalty club, you can earn points. In some instances, you can exchange these points for free spins, raffle tickets, or other promotions. 

At some casinos, your points accumulate, helping you to climb through the tiers or levels within the loyalty program. 

Every time you reach the points threshold for the next tier, you unlock better rewards and promotions. But these schemes also come with other perks, like faster withdrawal times, exclusive hosts, and better customer support. 

Some online betting sites refer to their loyalty programs as VIP clubs, but they’re essentially the same thing and are structured similarly. Ultimately, the more you spend, the higher you climb, and the better the promotions and offers are. 

We have come across Australian loyalty programs that are open to all players and others that are invite-only. Invite-only schemes are typically reserved for high rollers who spend over a specific amount at the online casino. 

Given that there are many different types of loyalty schemes, we recommend looking through the options available to you before settling on a loyalty club aligned with your available bankroll. 

Benefits of Casino Loyalty Programs 

There are numerous casino loyalty programs benefits that make these schemes attractive to players: 

  • Better bonuses: As you progress through the tiers of a loyalty program, you can unlock better bonuses with lower wagering requirements and higher values. These bonuses may also offer other perks like free spins for selected slot games or cashback on your losses obtained over a specific period of play.
  • Improved customer support: Rightly or wrongly, VIPs at online casinos get access to better customer support. This may even be in the form of a dedicated account manager or VIP host available 24/7 to answer any of your questions about playing at the casino. 
  • Account perks: As a member of a loyalty program at a casino, you can also access account perks like faster withdrawal times and even exclusive games that are not available to other players at the casino. 
  • Prizes, gifts, and giveaways: VIPs and loyalty scheme participants also receive prizes and gifts. These include free hotel stays, cash prizes, and the chance to win cars, holidays, and other giveaways. 

As mentioned, loyalty programs at online casinos work in slightly different ways. But as you spend more money, you can typically access better bonuses, rewards, and perks as you climb through the tiers. 

In our research, we have found that most loyalty schemes are best suited to high rollers or players who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month at online casinos. 

If you are in this category, you will likely benefit from the structure and rewards of online casino VIP schemes, but as we explain below, these programs aren’t necessarily viable for all players. 

Things to Consider Before Joining a Casino Loyalty Program 

Casino loyalty programs look great on the surface. Who wouldn’t want better bonuses, better support, and the chance to win glitzy prizes? 

But in reality, you need to be mindful of how these programs might affect your approach to online games, particularly in relation to responsible gambling

Here are some things to think about before signing up for a loyalty program at your chosen online casino: 

Bankroll management 

Crucially, you must consider your available bankroll and how it correlates to the casino’s loyalty program. 

For instance, if you have $100 to spend on casino gambling every month, but the threshold for joining the loyalty program is $1,000 in real money bets, you should not increase the amount you spend just to get into the program. 

This is key—don’t overspend just to unlock better bonuses and exclusive prizes. Always spend within your means and manage your bankroll responsibly to ensure your gameplay at online casinos remains fun. 

Wagering requirements 

When considering any online casino bonus, you need to look at its wagering requirements. This is also true of VIP clubs and loyalty programs. 

As these programs are typically catered to high rollers, the bonuses within them tend to come with wagering requirements (ranging from 10x to 50x in most cases). 

These requirements indicate how much money you need to spend before withdrawing any winnings from the bonus. 

So, always do the calculation to see if the bonus is worth your while and whether or not you have the funds available to satisfy the wagering requirements. 

Expiry dates 

Also, be mindful that most points you accumulate via loyalty programs expire. Some expire within a few months, while others last for up to or longer than a year. 

To determine whether the loyalty program is worth accessing, you need to consider whether you can use the points within the allotted timeframe. 

As with any type of bonus, promotion, or scheme at an online casino, you need to consider the merit of a loyalty program based on your personal preferences and how much you have available to gamble. 

You don’t need to join a loyalty program to access offers and bonuses, but if your spending is aligned with the scheme’s tiers, it can be a good way to unlock even more bonuses, perks, and promos. 

Making the Most of Casino Loyalty Programs 

If you decide that casino loyalty programs are a good option for you, how do you make the most of these schemes to maximise the rewards? Here are some things to think about: 

  • Focus your spending on one site: While lots of Aussies gamble at numerous online casinos, if you’re keen to maximise the rewards available via loyalty programs, it makes sense to focus your spending on one site. This prevents you from stretching yourself too thin and means you can get more rewards for the dollars you spend on one platform. 
  • Play the right games: You will see that some casino games contribute higher reward points than others. For instance, playing slots might give you more points than playing RNG table games. Always check which games contribute the most points and consider playing these games to increase the number of points added to your account. 
  • Spend your points: Don’t forget to spend or redeem your points! Too often, people focus too much on redeeming and saving points, which can lead them to expire before you know it. Make sure you spend your points within the allotted timeframe to make the most of them. 
  • Check the terms and conditions: Understanding how a loyalty program works is important. We recommend reading through the terms and conditions carefully so you can fully understand how to work through the program’s tiers. You can also contact the casino’s customer support team directly to ask more questions about how the loyalty program works in practice. 

Casino loyalty clubs can be attractive, but before joining, make sure you know what to be aware of and follow these simple tips to maximise the benefits available to you. 

Final Word 

Casino loyalty programs can be a great way to access better bonuses and exciting rewards as you play brilliant slot games, table games, and even live casino titles. 

However, they’re not necessarily a good option for all players. If you only spend a few dollars on casino games every month, we don’t recommend increasing your spending to try to access these programs. You should always gamble responsibly and bet within your means. 

On the other hand, if you’re a high roller looking to maximise your bonuses and make your funds go further, loyalty clubs at casinos are a good option. They can be an excellent way to enhance your online betting experience. 

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