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Article by Simon Young
Australian online casino payment methods
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Flexepin is a deposit-only method for funding Australian casino and betting accounts. It continues to grow in popularity due to its ease of use and the lack of need to provide debit card details. One of its features is its wide acceptance; however, it has one downfall: You cannot withdraw back to it, so you will have to use another method instead. 


In our article, we will examine how Flexepin works for online gambling at real-money casinos and betting sites in Australia and compare it to some other popular payment methods so you can decide whether it is the ideal option for you. 

What Is Flexepin?

Flexepin is a prepaid voucher that you can use to shop online or fund your casino and betting accounts. With Flexepin, you don’t have to provide banking details, making it a safer way to gamble. Another of its features is that it can help control spending as you have to purchase them upfront at a local participating retailer. 


If, for example, you run out of funds for the voucher, you must take another trip to the retailer to buy another one. This will make you think twice about setting off, so it is an effective way to gamble responsibly and within budget. 


When you purchase a Flexepin voucher for your online gambling payments, you will receive a 16-digit PIN, which you must input to top up your account. The minimum purchase for one of them is A$20, and the maximum you can buy goes up to A$500. It offers instant transfers, so if you want to place a bet on a horse race about to start, you can get your account topped up and your bet on in record time. 


The maximum amounts that can be deposited via Flexepin differ between online betting sites in Australia, so we recommend checking with them directly. 


Why Flexepin Is Preferred in the Gambling Industry

Flexepin online gambling has numerous benefits, which we have detailed for you so you can see the reasons for its ongoing popularity with Aussies. 

Cash Deposits

One of the most significant advantages of using Flexepin is that you can top up the voucher with cash. Any local store that sells them enables you to buy them in person and with cash, or if you prefer, you can use a bank card. It is the ideal way to use real money for your gambling, which is a rare commodity indeed nowadays. 

Security and Anonymity

You don’t have to give Flexepin any of your personal information, especially when providing your bank card details, to keep your information secure. Another reason is that it allows for anonymous betting. Many players don’t want any gambling transactions on their bank statements.


One of the best ways to be secure online is to avoid sharing personal information across multiple sites, like using credit or debit cards. With Flexepin, cash is king, and it lets you enjoy anonymous betting with no paper trails. 

Easy to Use

If you want an easy way to pay, Flexepin provides precisely that. To make secure gambling payments, you must buy a pre-loaded voucher and use the pin to make a deposit. 

No fees

While some online retailers may charge customers for using Flexepin at online casinos, this is a rarity. However, always check if your chosen casino or betting site has any fees attached to its payments before joining and making deposits. 

Instant Deposits

Once you have inputted your PIN and submitted it, you won’t have to wait to receive the funds. The deposit will instantly show up in your account, making it a quick and hassle-free way to bet. 

Access to Bonuses

When you deposit with Flexepin, you can claim welcome and existing player bonuses. While it’s not a dead cert, we have yet encountered a site that won’t let you claim with Flexepin. However, do always check the bonus terms before depositing to confirm. 

Online Casino and Betting Sites That Accept Flexepin in Australia

Let us explore some of Australia’s top betting sites and online casinos where you can use Flexepin. 


Wazamba Up to A$4,000 and 300 free spins in 3 casino bonuses

✔️Over 5,000 casino games

✔️Sportsbook available

✔️Jungle themed

4.3 Play NowRead Review
Amunra Casino bonus worth up to A$4,000 and 300 free spins over first 3 deposits

✔️Casino and Sports

✔️Various tournaments 

✔️Many ongoing promotions

4.5 Play NowRead Review
Spinch Casino welcome bonus up to A$9,000 and 150 free spins on first 3 deposits

✔️New launched casino

✔️Over 6,000 casino games

✔️Many payments inc crypto

4.4 Play NowRead Review


Of our three top Flexepin sites in Australia, Wazamba and Amunra offer casino and sports games, while Spinch only offers casino games. The minimum deposit to fund your betting balance starts with an A$20 voucher.


Once you have funded your account for your online gambling, whether you prefer the thrill of pokies or the strategy of the table and live dealers games, you can get playing straight away. For sporting fans, you can use the funds to place wagers on horse betting or a wide range of worldwide sporting events. 


How to Obtain and Use Flexepin in Australia 

If you have never purchased Flexepin, some may find it inconvenient, but they are very popular in Australia. Finding out how to buy Flexepin won’t take much effort. You may be surprised that your local shop has been selling them all this time.


Our best suggestion is to go directly to the Flexepin website. There, they have a handy store-finding tool. You can use the map to locate your local stores, but an easier way is to input your postcode, and a list of the closest stores to you will pop up.


Next, it’s up to you which shop to buy the vouchers from so you can use Flexepin. The best bet is the shop closest to you. Go into the shop and choose your voucher amount, starting at A$20 and going up to A$500. The cashier helping you can advise you of all the denominations between those two amounts. 


Then, let the cashier know which amount you want to purchase, and you can pay in cash or card if you prefer. They will print off what looks like a till slip. But it is not to be confused and thrown away, as the 16-digit pin on the card holds the value of your top-up. Also, do not share it with anyone; keep it safe. If someone gets hold of it and spends it, there’s little you can do to get that money back. 

Using your Flexepin to fund your betting account

The last step is to head to one of the betting sites in Australia. If you haven’t created your account, use the on-screen prompts. Then follow these straightforward steps: 


  1. Once you have set up your account, head to the cashier. 
  2. Click on the deposit button and then locate Flexepin. 
  3. Click on it, and a box will appear where you must input the PIN. 
  4. Click to confirm, and the gambling site will transfer the funds instantly to your betting account.


Whatever balance you had on the voucher will still be there minus your first deposit, which you can use for your next betting deposit. The pin works until you have used all the voucher funds, and then you must purchase another. 

Comparing Flexepin with Other Payment Methods

You may have read this far and are still unsure if Flexepin is the right option. We’ve decided to compare some of the top payment methods used at online casinos and betting sites to help you decide which best suits your gambling requirements. 


Payment Method Speed of processing Security Convenience
  • Instant
  • No withdrawals
High Anonymous but have to leave home to purchase the voucher
  • Instant
Very High You must create an account and link a bank account or bank/credit card
Bank Card
  • Instant deposits
  • 1 – 3 day withdrawals
High It is highly convenient as you can save the details to auto-populate on your device
  • Instant
Very High You have to have a crypto wallet and can incur fees and watch price fluctuations
  • Instant
  • No withdrawals
High You have to purchase at a store, and it offers an anonymous way to gamble


As you can see, each payment method has its pros and cons. Only you can decide which option out of the leading payment methods you will find at casinos will work best for you. You could use Flexepin when joining a new site and switch to an alternative method once you have sussed it out and are happy that it is safe and secure. 

Our Parting Thoughts

As we conclude our article on online gambling with Flexepin, it offers an excellent and easy way to gamble without having to part with your financial data. It provides security, as long as you keep your voucher safe, and secure payments with instant deposit times.


It is not yet widely available on all Aussie safe casino sites. Still, we expect the number to grow as online casinos compete for players and offer more payment methods to attract gamblers who prefer to pay and play with prepaid vouchers. 


The main disadvantage of using Flexepin is that you cannot withdraw from it. So you should consider how to withdraw winnings. Bank transfer is a popular option, but it does have slightly slower withdrawals than other payment methods. 


Overall, though it is an excellent option for funding your betting accounts with minimal fuss, they are easy to use once purchased.